Historical Timeline of the University of Idaho

Presented below is a timeline of events during the history of the University of Idaho from its establishment in 1889. For additional information on the history of the University of Idaho and its campus, click the links below.

July 2, 1862 President Lincoln signs Morrill Act establishing federal support through land grants for higher education Morrill Hall. University of Idaho. (n.d.) #73-36.
January 30, 1889 Governor Stevenson signs Territorial Legislature's Council Bill No. 20 establishing the University of Idaho Edward A. Stevenson (Governor of Idaho, 1885-1889) with Governor C.P. Stevenson of Nevada. (1887) #3-0260a.
April 25, 1889 First meeting of Board of Regents University of Idaho Board of Regents, l to r: Clancy St. Clair, Asher B. Wilson, M.G. Neale, Ted Walters, Jerome J. Day, J.W. Condie, W.D. Vincent. (1933) #4-04-14.
1889 Beta Sigma (later Delta Gamma) established as first sorority Beta Sigma charter members. University of Idaho. (1901) #2-007-07.
July 3, 1890 Idaho admitted to statehood, UI's status included in state constitution Map of Idaho from Conklin Atlas of 1880 (1880) #90-1-25-73-4a.
1892 Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station established  
October 3, 1892 University opens for classes Old Administration Building. Rear view. University of Idaho (n.d.) #93-406.
April 27, 1893 Regents grant charter for student Amphictyon Literary Society  
June 9, 1893 Idaho beat WSU (then WAC) 12-0 at first football match. For more see Vandal Football History Football team. University of Idaho. (1893) #2-115-0001.
June 1894 Honorary degrees awarded to Governor McConnell and Attorney General R.Z. Johnson  
1895 Idaho legislature makes first appropriation of operating funds ($15,000) to the University  
June 11, 1896 Four march in first commencement Group photo, class of 1896 (first graduating class). University of Idaho. (1896) #2-122-1.
1898 First graduate degree awarded  
1898 Students' Athletic Association (predecessor of the Associated Students) formed Athletic Association. H.C. Tilley, Gus Larson, C.M. Edgett, A.T. Jenkins, Capt. Chrisman, L.A. Tweedt, George Horton, W.N. Gibb, N. Sheridan, Homer Tilley. University of Idaho (1903?) #29-009.
1898 Kappa Phi Alpha (later Phi Delta Theta) established as first fraternity Kappa Phi Alpha. University of Idaho (1905) #29-020.
November 1898 Volume 1, Number 1 of Argonaut published Argonaut staff. Zella Perkins, John W. Shepperd, Gus Larson, Margaret Henderson, Thomas Jones, Nellie B. Ireton, R.W. Leonard. University of Idaho (1904?) #29-008.
1899 Spanish-American War Memorial Soldier Statue suggested; may be first of its kind in US Spanish American War Memorial (University of Idaho Campus), with view of old administration building (1900) #6018-151.
June 1899 Idaho Alumni Association formed University of Idaho Alumni Association Presidents. L-R: Harold I. Nelson, Bill (W.G.) Guernsey, W. Fisher Ellsworth, George Yost, and Ralph Litton (n.d.) #40-APR21.
June 21, 1899 Jennie Eva Hughes, first African American student, graduates University of Idaho class of 1899. (1897) #2-110-1.
June 21, 1899 UI opens first summer school in the Pacific Northwest Summer School. University of Idaho (July 28, 1899) #2-110-2.
1901 College of Agriculture established  
1902 Junior Class publishes 1903 Gem of the Mountains  
June 1902 Ridenbaugh Hall dedicated Ridenbaugh Hall, University of Idaho. (n.d.) #67-17.
June 11, 1902 Department of Domestic Science (later Home Economics) established, first in Pacific Northwest Home Economics. University of Idaho. First class in Domestic Science, under the direction of Miss Lyford. (1895)
1904 Lawrence Henry Gipson '03 first Idaho Rhodes Scholar Dr. Lawrence H. Gipson (Class of 1903, University of Idaho; Honorary Doctorate, 1953). (n.d.) #3-0509b.
February 17, 1904 Associated Students of the University of Idaho (ASUI) formed  
March 30, 1906 Administration Building fire Administration Building, University of Idaho (1892-1906) fire scene. (March 30, 1906) #1-51-24.
1907 School of Applied Science reorganized into the College of Engineering College of Engineering students with surveying equipment. University of Idaho. (1898) #1-224-23.
October 10, 1908 Permeal French appointed Dean of Women; first dean at the university Permeal Jane French (1869-1954) (Dean of Women, University of Idaho, 1908-1936). (195?) #3-0006f.
1909 Development of Shattuck Arboretum started Arboretum with "I" tank in background. University of Idaho. (n.d.) #72-22.
1909 College of Law established Menard Law Building, University of Idaho. Dedication. (April 27, 1974) #1-162-09.
1909 First forestry degree program  
1909 New Administration Building opened Administration Building, University of Idaho. (n.d.) #1-52-049.
1910 Agricultural Extension office under director F.D. Farrell established in Boise's Yates Building  
May 1910 Campus Day tradition begun Maypole dance, Campus Day, University of Idaho. (1910) #10-087.
April 9, 1911 Theodore Roosevelt is first US President to visit campus; plants first tree in Presidential Grove Theodore Roosevelt at the University of Idaho. (April 10, 1911) #6-007-11.
September 1911 Aberdeen Branch Experiment Station established. For more see historical sketch University of Idaho Branch Experiment Station. Potato house in Aberdeen, Idaho. (1932) #4-26-2.
1912 Comic opera Priscilla first production in University Auditorium Administration Building, University of Idaho Auditorium. (1924) #1-52-022a.
1913 Faculty Women's Club organized  
1913 Board of Regents combined with State Board of Education  
1913 Preparatory School closes after helping raise admission standards for 21 years Group photo, Prep School, class of 1899. University of Idaho. (1899) #2-124-1.
1915 Idaho legislature approves Cooperative Extension  
1916 Associated Students of the University of Idaho (ASUI) formally organized  
1917 "Here we have Idaho" first sung MacKinley Helm (class of 1919) and University of Idaho President Jesse E. Buchanan. Commencement. (June 1954) #3-0527b.
August 6, 1917 School of Mines and School of Forestry established  
1918 First journalism class offered, in English Department. For more, see the JAMM timeline. Journalism. University of Idaho. Field trip to Star-Mirror plant, Moscow. (1937) #1-226-01.
1919 Infirmary established Infirmary and Phi Gamma Delta, University of Idaho. (c. 1955) #78-06.
May 1919 Wendell Wilkie turns down faculty position, changing course of history  
1920 Pep Band unofficially organized Pep band performing at rally at the Depot. University of Idaho. (1922) #93-172.
June 7, 1920 School of Education established  
September 1920 First dormitory (Lindley Hall) opened using non-appropriated funds Lindley Hall, University of Idaho (n.d.) #72-09.
1921 Office of Non-Resident Instruction established  
December 1921 UI joins Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Athletic Association  
December 28, 1921 Sigma Xi, national scientific fraternity, established an Idaho chapter Awards and Honors - Sigma XI Award winners (1973) #37-040.
1922 First potato plots set out at Parma Experiment Station Aerial view, Parma Branch Experiment Station, University of Idaho. (1948?) #6-048-1.
1923 Women's Athletic Association formed University of Idaho Women's Athletic Association (1943) #92-1531.
March 1923 First issue of English Club's literary magazine, The Blue Bucket, published Staff photo, Idaho Blue Bucket (official humor magazine of ASUI). University of Idaho. (1934) #2-206-1.
March 5, 1923 Idaho basketball beats Cal 29-25 to win second Pacific Coast championship in a row Group photo, basketball team with Coach MacMillan. Pacific Coast and Northwest Champions. University of Idaho. (1923)
May 24, 1923 KFAN broadcasts first radio program on campus  
June 1923 Forney Hall dedicated Forney Hall from west just before dedication. University of Idaho (June 1923) #93-435.
June 2, 1923 Naomi Chapman first woman graduate in College of Agriculture Naomi Chapman Woodroof (the first woman graduate in Agricultural Dept.) returns to campus (197?) #3-1919-36.
June 2, 1923 Light on the Mountains pageant presented at commencement "Spirits of the Waters" advancing toward "Spirits of the Waste Places" dance, Light on the Mountain Pageant. University of Idaho. (June 1923) #93-207.
Summer 1923 First 4-H short course, predecessor of the 4-H Congress, held on campus Group photo of Idaho 4-H Club Congress. (1923) #4-01-023.
1924 Vandal football wins Northwest Conference title; two players selected for All-America Group photo, Vandal football team. University of Idaho. (1923) #2-115-0340.
1925 Science Hall opened Science Hall, University of Idaho. (c. 1955) #78-07.
1925 Daleth Teth Gimel, later Delta Tau Gamma, first town women's association in US  
1925 Placement Bureau established  
April 15, 1925 Regents establish School of Business Administration and authorize Graduate School  
September 8, 1925 Phi Beta Kappa chapter chartered Idaho chapter of Phi Beta Kappa honors President Donald R. Theophilus by making him a member. Professor Fred H. Winkler gives him a key. University of Idaho. (195?) #2-148-60.
October 16, 1925 WSU students' first and unsuccessful attempt to prematurely ignite the pre-game bonfire by air raid Freshman bonfire. University of Idaho. (1925) #2-102-09.
1926 Tau Mem Aleph established, only national fraternity founded at UI Informal group picture, Tau Mem Aleph. University of Idaho. (1942) #2-063-1.
1926 Rifle Team established as first intercollegiate women's athletic team University of Idaho Women's Rifle Team. First row, fifth from left: Gertrude Gould; eighth from left: Helen Gould. (1927)
1927 Jesse E. Buchanan, later UI President, is first to earn straight "A's." Jesse Everett Buchanan (Class of 1927, University of Idaho) (President, University of Idaho, 1946-1954) as a student. (192?)
February 14, 1927 University of Idaho Southern Branch established in Pocatello  
Fall 1927 Hays Hall completed Hays Hall just before completion. University of Idaho (n.d.) #93-441.
1928 LDS Institute of Religion established, first in the US LDS Institute under construction. Corner of Deakin and University Avenue. Moscow, Idaho. (July 1928) #5-001-18a.
1929 Memorial Gymnasium completed Memorial Gymnasium, University of Idaho. Construction. (1928) #1-61-32.
1929 UI beats UI-Southern Branch (later ISU) 41-7 in football  
November 1930 The Vandaleers, the University of Idaho's concert choir, makes its first appearance Group picture, Vandaleers. University of Idaho. (1942?) #2-112-04.
September 23, 1931 Borah Symposium lectures begun William Edgar Borah (1865-1940) (United States Senator, 1907-1940). (1915) #3-0077b.
June 1933 Marie Lee Lew receives BS in Home Ec as first Chinese American woman at UI  
August 1, 1935 Depression-era cooperative residences, begun in 1932, are expanded when the Regents approve the construction of the Idaho Club Idaho Club, University of Idaho. Kitchen. (1935) #1-071-03.
1936 Blue Bucket purchased and converted into Student Union Blue Bucket Inn during construction. University of Idaho (August 1924) #93-463.
1938 Grace Fenton Robertson first woman graduate of the College of Engineering  
March 26, 1938 Eleanor Roosevelt speaks at Memorial Gym Eleanor Roosevelt and Dwight Smithson Jeffers (Dean, College of Forestry, 1935-1953). Planting tree in the Presidential Grove, Administration Building lawn. University of Idaho. (1938) #3-0036a.
November 15, 1938 Bill McGowan, Argonaut Sports Editor, takes a hike on "Loser's Walk" Battle of the Palouse (Loser's Walk). University of Idaho. (1938) #2-267-1.
January 1939 General E.R. Chrisman's ashes scattered over campus from airplane Cadets in formation beside Memorial Gymnasium for General Chrisman funeral. University of Idaho. (January 18, 1939)  
January 30, 1939 Semi-Centennial celebration prepares time capsule for opening 50 years later Time capsule from University of Idaho semi-centennial. (January 30, 1939) #73-77.
1941 Boxer Ted Kara first to win three NCAA championships University of Idaho students. Left: Ted Kara. National 127 lb. boxing champion. Right: Stanley "Bow Wow" Wojtkiewiez. Infirmary in background. (1939) #80-09.
May 15, 1942 Naval Training School (Radio) established Naval Radio Training School cadets in chow line, University of Idaho. (194?) #6-004-18.
1945 Naval ROTC unit established  
1946 Vets' Village set up beside Paradise Creek Veterans Housing Trailer Village, University of Idaho. (1951?) #1-120-03.
1947 J.D. Remsberg becomes first alum appointed to Board of Regents John David Remsberg, Jr., first University of Idaho graduate appointed to Board of Regents, visits E.J. Iddings (right) and Donald R. Theophilus (left). (1947) #1-245-02.
1947 Vandal Boosters, Inc. organized  
May 31, 1947 Air Force ROTC unit requested by Regents  
May 3, 1952 Music Building dedicated Music Building, University of Idaho. (n.d.) #1-117-01.
1953 Flip Kleffner breaks record with 82 yard punt against WSU Freshman football player, Phillip "Flip" Kleffner, running. University of Idaho. (1951) #2-115-1110c.
1954 UI and ISU begin offering classes in Idaho Falls  
October 23, 1954 Vandals defeat WSU (then WSC) 10-0, first win since 1925  
October 19, 1956 Gault Hall arson Gault Hall, University of Idaho. After the fire. (1956) #1-095-22a.
1957 Jerry Kramer wins MVP at the Shrine Game; is drafted by Green Bay the following year Gerald Louis (Jerry) Kramer (Class of 1958, University of Idaho; Worlds Pro Football champion, played for Green Bay Packers). (1955) #3-1846b.
1957 Charlene Roth one of first women in nation to join Alpha Zeta, national agricultural honorary One of the first women in the nation to become a member of Alpha Zeta, national agricultural honorary, University of Idaho student Charlene Roth accepts a certificate from Darrell Weber, chancellor of the Idaho chapter. (1957) #2-148-65.
November 2, 1957 Library dedicated Library, University of Idaho. (1957) #1-122-001.
1959 Boise Adult Education Center offers a program of residence courses  
1959 Doctoral program introduced  
1960 KUID-TV started closed-circuit broadcasting to classrooms; broadcasting to the public on September 6, 1965 Dr. Gordon Law and Peter Haggart, KUID-TV. University of Idaho. (196?) #2-185-1.
1961 Mines Building opened College of Mines building. University of Idaho. (1960's) #11-M19.
1962 Beacon for Mountain and Plain published  
June 10, 1962 Florence Aller receives first Doctor of Education degree Florence Aller receives the first Doctor of Education degree conferred at the University. Commencement, University of Idaho. (1962) #2-109-080b.
1963 14 receive first Alumni Hall of Fame awards  
June 9, 1963 Sandra Clark is first woman graduate of the College of Mines. In 1968, she and her husband are the first husband-wife team to receive PhDs in the same field Allen Clark and Sandra Clark receive Ph.D. degrees in geology. Commencement, University of Idaho. (1968) #2-109-118.
June 30, 1963 Library Associates, the library's Friends group, founded at the summer home of Lucy Mix Day, Mica Bay, Coeur d'Alene Lake  
December 12, 1963 KUID-FM started broadcasting Students doing a radio broadcast? University of Idaho. ([195-]-[196-]) #11-R7.
1967 Jazz Festival begins. See Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival  
1967 Vandal high-jumper Steve Brown first person in North America to clear 7 feet Steven Louis Brown; University of Idaho high jumper (1968?) #92-1539.
June 1, 1969 Bilge Kuranel and Susan LaFontaine first women to graduate in Architecture Bilge Kuranel and Susan Lorine LaFontaine, first co-eds to graduate in Architecture, with Department Head Charles Bartell (1969) #3-0960b.
May 5, 1970 NROTC building firebombed Fire at Navy building. University of Idaho. (May 6, 1970) #20-184.
Fall 1972 Women's Center, one of oldest in nation, presents first program  
1976 ASUI-Kibbie Dome named winner of national outstanding structural engineering achievement award University of Idaho campus, oblique aerial view from over ASUI-Kibbie Dome. (1976) #1-003-38.
July 1977 BS in Computer Science approved by Regents  
1980 Science Experience Center in Idaho Falls purchased by UI Foundation to become University Place, a center for higher education in Idaho  
April 7, 1981 Silver and Gold Day established by Alumni Association First annual University of Idaho Silver and Gold Day in Hailey, Idaho. (1981) #40-SIL17.
January 1982 Asian American Comparative Collection established in Laboratory of Anthropology Artifacts from the Asian American Comparative Collection. University of Idaho (2000?) #9-326.
1983 Margaret Ritchie School of Family and Consumer Sciences joins College of Agriculture  
1983 University Honors Program established  
1987 This Crested Hill, a centennial history, published  
February 28, 1987 School of Music named after Lionel Hampton, first in US for a jazz musician  
January 30, 1989 Time capsule opened at Centennial Celebration  
Fall 1990 Recycling Program established at UI  
1992 President appoints David Walker as ombudsman  
November 1992 University assigned its own ZIP code  
December 30, 1998 Vandals beat Southern Mississippi 42-35 at first bowl appearance  
July 1, 2002 Budget crisis forces reorganization; Letters and Science split, Mines and Art & Architecture merged into new colleges  
October 24, 2002 Albertson building dedicated; first academic building funded entirely by donations  
May 4, 2003 Idaho Gem, first cloned member of horse family born as a result of fetal cell culture established at UI in 1998  
Spring 2004 2003 Gem of the Mountains (v. 101) last yearbook published because of declining sales