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  North America Political Boundries in 1803
French Explorations of the Louisiana Territory, 1672-1743
Spanish Explorations of the Louisiana Territory, 1720-1793
A 1735 Map Showing the Missouri River on a Straight Course West
Nicolas de Finiels’ Map of Missouri River, 1798
Samuel Lewis’ Map of Northwestern North America, 1804
Arrowsmith’s 1802 Map of North America
King’s 1803 Map of North America
Mackenzie Route from Fort Chipewyan to the Pacific Ocean, 1793
Jonathan Carver’s Map of North America, 1778
Map of Louisiana by du Pratz, 1757
Thomson’s Map of the Big Bend, 1798

Map of Louisiana by du Pratz, 1757

This map, created by du Pratz in 1757, displays the Mississippi and adjacent river valleys. It not only describes the locations of native and French establishments, but also suggests the locations of gold, silver, iron, and lead mines. Like other maps created during this era, it mistakenly shows the Missouri flowing from the west unimpeded by mountains. Map courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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