Data & Digital Services (DDS)

Data & Digital Services provides expertise in the following areas:

Please contact Devin Becker if you need assistance with any of the following areas.

  • Digital Initiatives - This unit that builds, disseminates, and preserves the library's digital collections and other applications.
  • Center for Digital Inquiry and Learning (CDIL)- Digital Humanities and Digital Social Sciences at UI
  • Hardware and Software -- including Adobe products, Virtual Reality hardware and software, relevant web applications, and other digital library-related tools.

Please contact the Rick Stoddart if you need assistance with any of the following areas.

  • Think Open Fellowship - a fellowship for faculty to assist with the development of new open textbooks
  • Open Textbooks, Open Educational Publications, etc. - any and all open resources that has educational value.
  • Open access publishing: assistance with publishing an open access monograph or the development of an open access journal, or in the conversion of a current journal to open access

Please contact the Evan Williamson if you need assistance with any of the following areas.

  • Workshops: we will provide specialized workshops tailored to a particular focus or topic upon request, contact the scholarly communications librarian for scheduling or more information
  • Web Publishing: assistance with depositing scholarly materials (including working papers, journal articles, reports, syllabi, etc.) into our institutional repository
  • Web Archiving: assistance with archiving websites and other online publications.
  • Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs): in addition to providing access to the database of electronic theses and dissertations submitted after 2013, we also provide consultations around copyright issues pertaining to ETDs, such as permissions and using previously copyrighted materials. We can also digitize previously published print theses to add to the digital collection.

Please contact Jeremy Kenyon if you need assistance with any of the following areas.

  • VIVO - our Universisty of Idaho research discovery application.
  • Finding ecological/environmental data
  • Metadata & Data Description
    • Types of metadata
    • Creating and developing documentation
    • Planning to create and manage documentation throughout a project
  • Data Management Planning
    • How to prepare or plan for managing information in a funded project or course assignment
    • Information on funding agency requirements
    • Using the DMPTool
  • Data Publication, Citation, and Distribution
    • Methods for publishing datasets
    • Identifiers for data, software, or similar types of research products
    • Finding repositories in which to deposit data

Please contact Bruce Godfrey if you need assistance with any of the following areas.

  • Esri software and licensing
    • Acquiring and licensing the software
    • Technical support
  • Geospatial data publishing and enterprise storage
    • Publishing geospatial resources as geospatial web services
    • Storing data in an enterprise geodatabase
  • Metadata for geospatial data
  • Geospatial data discovery & acquisition
  • Historical map/aerial image georeferencing
    • Historical map vectorization

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