Terry Abraham Web Archive

The Terry Abraham Web Archive preserves the writing, scholarship, and resources of Terry Abraham that were originally published on University of Idaho's early websites. The original web pages can be browsed in the table below.

Terry Abraham served as the head of Special Collections & Archives for over 20 years, retiring in 2005. His work continues to be important to the library and the people that work here. More on Abraham can be found on the Northwest Anthropology website (archived page).

Please note, the archived pages are out of date and may not display as originally intended. If you would like to recover a broken link, please try pasting the URL in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

The collection presents the static HTML as published in 1990's and 2000's, originally hosted at:

  • http://www.uiweb.uidaho.edu/special-collections/
  • http://webpages.uidaho.edu/special-collections/
Title Year
Practical Processing: Arrangement and Description 1988
ARCHIVAL MANAGEMENT: Forms for the Eighties 1978
The Laws of Archivy 2000
Arrangement, Practical Processing: Arrangement and Description 1999
From "Babbler" to Jimmy Ah Foo: The Chinese in Australian Humor. Sydney 2004
Mapping Chinese Funerary Burners 2013
Chinese Funerary Burners: A Bibliography 2013
Chinese Funerary Burners: A Census. 2001-ongoing. 2012
Other Burners, Other Fires, 2002-2014. 2014
Using the Archival Census Data in the Repository. Chicago 1986
Overseas Chinese Cemeteries 2015
Class, Gender, and Race: Chinese Servants in the North American West. Honolulu 1996
Description, Practical Processing: Arrangement and Description 1999
Documentation Strategies: A Decade (or More) Later. Washington, D.C. 1995
Archives and Entropy: The Closed System 1999
When the Bits hit the Fan: Electronic Records and Archives. Ottawa 1994
FOL: A History of the Friends of the Library 1983
Repositories of Primary Sources: Index 2007
INTERNET: On (Line) the Road Again 1990
Books to Bytes: Libraries and the Internet. Post Falls 1992
In or Out: Observations of an Occasional NEH Staff Member. Atlanta 1988
Intro, Practical Processing: Arrangement and Description 1999
Books on the Journey. Towers, the newsletter of the University of Idaho Library Associates, June 2005. 2005
Legacy to Heritage: Subject Access to Manuscript Collections in the Electronic Age. Seattle 1995
Lode or Placer: Mining Records and Their Use in the University of Idaho Library. Golden 1994
'A substantial, good-sized, well-bound book:' Bishop Morris and Early Parish Records in Oregon 1989
Net Worth: Adding Value to the Archival Web Site. San Diego 1996
'No Tickee No Washee': Sympathetic Representations of the Chinese in American Humor 2003
Repositories of Primary Sources, 1995-2015. 2015
The Next Step: Outreach on the World Wide Web. Cheyenne 1997
Preface, Arrangement and Description 1999
"I have had a great many adventures:" The Gold Rush Letters of Samuel Stone Richardson 1981
Stepping Stones to Empowerment: Chinese Servants in the American West. Seattle 1997
Projects, Presentations and Unpublished Papers 2006
Archival Theory: Notes towards the beginnings of a bibliography, 1996-ongoing. 2002
Utah Saints and Sinners 1979
Terry Abraham Resume 2007
Why Special Collections? Eugene 1989