Collection Timeline

1880 to 2018


Ralph and Jane Strong


Elizabeth Tipton Lynd Samuel Lynd


Ida V. Bysegger


Church Ledger from the Methodist Episcopal


Webster's Mill, Deep Creek; Swimming Hole - Fritz Brincken Place


The Strong Family in Idaho


Edward S. Allen Bertha Clemina Allen Nirk W.W. Davis Allen family portrait


Baptism certificate for Nellie Eid Strong homestead Family Photo Burden Family


Augir Homestead


Roy F. Kislig Strong Family Photo


John Matthew Nirk Isabel Starner Store Family Loaded to Leave Edward and Adelaide Allen The Elmore Place before 1900 The Strong Homestead


Durell Irwin Nirk infant portrait Mountain Home School 1896


Katzenberger homestead Elmore homestead Logging on the Katzenberger property Lynd Deep Creek homestead with family Bysegger wood lot Byseggers with hay harvest Bysegger homestead clear cut Unkown individuals from turn of the century Charlie , Clara and Eddie Bysegger plowing with horse Nirk Family portrait Bysegger home place Fred Bysegger family portrait Willie Bysegger herding sheep Bysegger family Bysegger custom threshing crew Then and now picture of barn in northern Latah County Bysegger custom threshing crew Bysegger Threshing Crew Rohn children Family at homestead Freeze Church W.I & M depot during construction Haying and threshing crews Tilling fields at L.E. Gilmores Harvest activities in the field Threshing at L.E. Gilmores Threshing crews at L.E. Gilmores Threshing grain in the field Vern and Archie Clark pose with photographs


The Burden School


Andrew Lynd mini biography


Confirmation Certificate for Nellie Eid


John and Durell Nirk felling timber John and Durell Nirk felling timber (2) Deed to parcel of land that Andrew Lynd purchased Andrew and Mary Matilda Lynd Edward ""Eddie"" Bysegger informal portrait as an infant Edward ""Eddie"" Bysegger as an infant Byseggers and Davis harvest crew Boise Meridian Map Bell Mill Robert W. McKown with his self-propelling combine Self-propelling combine on its side Harvesting near Garfield Church Gathering at Park, ID Family Photo of Bingham Family Children in front of Elmore school


Kennedy Ford Grange Elmore School in 1906


Rohn Homestead near Walla Walla Andy Smith Family


Fritz and August Leistner on their homestead Starner Home Homemade Steam Engine Blacksmith Shop Men on Felled Log Fritz and August Leistner


Haying at the Bysegger place Threshing crew at harvest Men playing cards Bysegger Survey Crew Fred Bysegger Bysegger haying crew Herman Voss Place Freeze Flat Link and Friends Hotel and Store Horse Show Threshing Grain Hans Beplate and Victor Jess Hodge Family Photo Complete View of Potlatch, ID View of Princeton, ID Deary, Idaho Hay Baler at Bysegger Place


John Nirk homestead The original Nirk homestead Postcard depicting the Potlatch Mill: 1911 Drying lumber at the Potlatch Sawmill John Nirk Place Mr. and Mrs. Sam Clark Baseball Flyer for Potlatch vs. Farmington The John Nirk Place The John Nirk Place [2]


Pink Nolan Barn and Family


White Pine King on car in Potlatch, ID Interior view of the Potlatch Mercantile Company Selling force and delivery wagons of the Potlatch Mercantile Company Potlatch Mercantile Company Potlatch Mill 1913 New Avon


Wedding Certificate of Gilbert and Nellie Smith Portrait of an Unknown Person Charlie and Rose Davis Farm looking towards the orchards. Roscoe Davis Goldie Clyde and her Sunday school class Nirk-Bysegger-Allen-Strong family photo Onaway Idaho 7/31/14


Notarized proposal Pricing quote on additonal work John Matthew Nirk family portrait Gottfried ""Fred"" Bysegger family portrait Men hauling timber from mill Family portrait Haying with crew Tilling by horse teams (2) Rohn boys in car Butchering hogs Men Sitting on Cars Mule Team Family Photo Family Photo Draft horse teams near Potlatch Tilling by horse teams (1) Old Avon Idaho Alice McClure Strong The McClures Hauling Logs near Alvah Strong's Mill


Collection of older and new photographs of Davis, Soncarty, and Nirk families Potlatch Mercantile Company postcard Memo and check information from Potlatch Lumber Company Ladies of the Clark family Two groups in nice attire pose for photos Vern Clark's twenty-first birthday


1916 Chevrolet Bertha Nirk on wash day. Durell and Mary Nirk wedding portrait Durell and Mary Nirk on porch Elmore School Arthur and Alice Strong wedding portrait Friends Rohn's in home John Jacob Rohn portrait Rohn Family in front of house Men Working in Field Durell Nirk Durell Nirk [2]


Specifications for Sewage Disposal Plant Cleora Nirk Strong John Matthew Nirk holding granddaughter Nirk and Bysegger women Mary and Durell Nirk with daughter Cleora Mary Nirk and daughter Cleora Anna Cleora Anna Nirk as an infant Durell Nirk holding daughter Cleora Durell Nirk sits with his daughter Cleora Bertha and John Nirk with Durell and Mary and Cleora Eddie Bysegger with two horses Durell Nirk, 1918 Nirk Family Photo


Pipe proposal from Washington Brick, Lime, & Sewer Pipe Company Group Photo


Leona Carscallin in the cook house Nirk homestead Baling hay on the Nirk property Durell Nirk and pet dog View down 6th Street in Potlatch, Idaho Gold Hill Tower lookout Potlatch Lumber Company mill High school mens basketball team Bysegger family portrait Three young couples Bailing crew (2) Bailing crew (3) Self-Propelling Combine Cora Exchange Cora Exchange Old Kellmer Place Alva Strong Sawmill Gathered at Last Onaway in winter Yale Station The Claude Hall family photo Cow Suckling a Pig


Wedding portrait of Ed and Ida Soncarty Edd and Ida Soncarty Wedding Gathering at Fred Rohn place Alva Strong Sawmill Middle Deep Creek Durell Nirk place under construction


Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Allen Hand drawn map of Hampton, ID Hand drawn map of Princeton, ID


Durell Nirks first sawmill Lumber production at Durell Nirk's first sawmill Charley Bysegger and Ed Soncarty with rabbits Eddie Bysegger with coyote pelts Bailing crew (1) Arthur Dwight Strong as a Child Durell Nirk place in winter Durell Nirk's First Sawmill Durell Nirk's First Sawmill [2]


Panorama of Pine Street


John Bysegger Max Davis Soncarty sawmill Mountain Home School District students Swimming in Snake River Rohn children View of Train Depot in Princeton, ID First Fire Engine in Potlatch Princeton Post Office Inside Princeton Post Office Downtown Princeton, ID Flooding of House in Princeton, ID The Strong Children


Conklin Place


Grandma Bysegger and Grandson Max Davis Announcement of Santa Claus Day Group Photo Nirk Home October 1927


Lyle A. Packard on his team of horses Lyle Packard and his 8 horse team Lyle Packard with plow Two men holding buckets of peaches Gibbs Homestead Bysegger homestead New barn at Soncarty Farm Pupils List Declaration of 50th Anniversary party for Mr. and Mrs. John Ashton


Letter to Toline Eid from her Niece Ellen Marie Otsby Durell Nirk Family Photo


Grade School Certificate of Marian Smith Four men outside a tent Anna Trachsel Bysegger and Gottfried Bysegger Portrait of Nirk-Soncarty-Davis-Katzenberg families Potlatch High School Palouse High School class picture Edward (Eddie) Bysegger with fish Ida Soncarty with Norman Ida Soncarty in her garden Ida Soncarty with hogs Bysegger get together Threshing Grain Rohn family Rock Creek Bridge Venna Comstock Deep Creek view looking NE from Old Conklin houses; John McManama Place Burden School 3rd School House Guy Parnell sawmill Potlatch, Idaho Panorama Potlatch Post Office Mill and lumber yard Unknown child Loyal Fleener in a wagon Marva Joyce Briney LaPehr Store


Letter from Bert Hopkins to his mother Potlatch High School sophomore girl's basketball team Soncarty farm


Rose Bysegger fishing in Colorado


Letters from H.D.J. Smith Western Pioneer Days Grade School Certificate of Harry Martin Lois, John, and John Jr. Bysegger Edd Soncarty with sons


Cleora Nirk Strong on her 16th birthday Steam engine tractor Friends with cars


Metsker's Latah County Map Soncarty's logging Men with tractor Ned Hanna's 1927 Chev. Class photo for Potlatch High School Briney family cousins Potlatch High Class of 1935-36


Phillis Rohn Ownbey and Patsy McManama Larson Burden Schoolchildren 1936 Burden Schoolchildren 1936-1937 Burden School Children


Bert Hopkins with fish on Lake Pend Oreille Dwight Strong hauling logs to sawmill Potlatch High School Class of 1937


Christmas Card Featuring photo of house Cleora Nirk Strong graduation portrait Arthur Strong and Durell Nirk Casual portrait of Nirk family Roy and Max Davis on horseback Don Daily on horseback Roy and Max Davis with Sonny McMasters Soncarty home Hauling Hay Loree Fleener and Loyal Fleener Potlatch High Class f 1938 Elmore Church


Letter to Toline Eid from her Brother Julius Ostby Teaching Certificate of Marian Smith Wedding photograph of Dwight and Cleora Nirk Strong Isla (Bysegger) Leigh Lyle Gottschalk during a riverside race Lyle Gottschalk racing #77 Alice and Joyce with a Ford car Cast of the Three Bears Play Burden School Late 1930s Rock Creek Schoolchildren late 1930s Interior of an Onaway Bar Mother's Day 1939


Sewage Treatment Plant records Sewage Treatment Plant records Cosmetician Certificate of Marian Smith Thelma and Edward Bysegger W.W. and Anna Davis Roy and Emma Davis in front of home Two Davis men in front of a home Welch's Corner Texaco station Soncarty barn Virginia Cooper Soncarty's family picture Threshing grain with tractor Vic Beplate's Place Dale Slagle Loyal and caught fish Edwin P Larson Edwin Larson in Uniform Rock Creek Bible School Students Onaway School Upper Grades 1939-1940 Arthur, Vangie, Lois, Fred Strong


Primary digester Cleora Nirk Strong with child Philip Hearn military portrait Uncover Cabin of Ancient Day Fleener family portrait Joyce Fleener 3rd birthday


Norman Soncarty with coyote Camp 36 logging camp Loading logs at Camp 36 Skid Cat's Camp 36 Idaho Sawmill in Potlatch Portrait of Loyal Fleener Rock Creek Bible Schoolchildren


Packard children in front of piano as Christmas Card Packard children in front of piano Public sale flyer Couple dressed in white standing in front of trees Baby photograph of Billy Hopkins William Hays Hopkins Birth Certificate from Gritman Gritman Hospital Daddy and Bill series of two photographs Mother, Grandmother and Bill series of two photographs Grandmother and Bill Series of grandmother, mother, Bill, and Sammy and Betty Bragdan Series of family photographs with baby Bill Hopkins Baby photo of Bill Hopkins Wedding portrait 1943 Memoirs Max, Emma, and Roy Davis Dorothy Anderson Davis Max Davis graduation portrait Lloyd Tharp Navy Portrait Marine Christmas card Briney homestead Rock Creek Bible School Photo Charles and Danny King 1945 Rock Creek Students mid-1940s


Six Women and Four Babies in Moscow Series of baby photos of Bill Hopkins Baby photo of Bill Hopkins at a desk Bill Hopkins in a box on a sled Baby photo of Bill Hopkins Young Bill Hopkins poses for a Christmas photo in front of a fireplace Bill Hopkins and Sammy Davis Farm Alfred Swatman Fat Espy and pack string Roy Davis holding a fawn on Mt. Spokane Max Davis in uniform Naval Enrollees Gerald Nirk, US Army Gerald Nirk on Furlough in 1944


Trickling filter Photograph of Bert Hopkins Photograph of Bert Hopkins with a colleague Photograph of an unknown woman Photograph of the Hopkins house and Bert Hopkins with his son, Bill Young Bill Hopkins with his mother Elsie (Bean) Holmes Roy and Max Davis loggin at Meadow Creek Garfield High School Class of 1945 Portrait Lowell Soncarty with horses Ida Soncarty's Birthday Norman Soncarty skiing Lowell Soncarty C.V. Hall Home Ration books Loyal Ivan Fleener Ansel and Loyal Fleener Abandoned barn Charles King, Pat Bryngelson, Don Kobrosky Dwight Strong on back steps Highway 95 and Mineral Mountain Glen Nirk, US Army Arthur Strong and Alice McClure Strong


Doctor Joseph Wilson and family Billy and Bessie Max Davis Service Record


Portrait of Lyle and Fay Packard Roy and Emma Davis with Olive Pledger Roy Davis and horses with truck. Strong Mill Pond D.I. Nirk Lumber Co. Mill 1947 D.I. Nirk Lumber Co. Mill 1947 [2] D. I. Nirk Lumber Co.


Family farmhouse Cows on hill Wilma Packard with puppies Davis home Norman Willard Soncarty 11th birthday photo


Snowy house Rock Creek Dam Allen Strong in front of Katzenberger House Allen Strong by snowbank


Melton couple in front of home Melton couple Arthur and Alice Strong D.I. Nirk Lumber Company Emma and Roy Davis Nirk-Bysegger family portrait Putting on a play at the Grange Soncarty home Gotfried and Anna Bysegger Edd and Ida Soncarty Farm Potlatch Elementary School Mrs. Streeter's 3rd grade class Co-op Supply in Princeton Idaho The Potlatch Confectionary View on Pine Street Old Richield service station and garage Unknown cat Cletrac tractor Farm cats Peck kids Fleener family dogs Phillip Fleener's pigs


Norman Soncarty in the Army Norman Soncarty leaves for service Potlatch Elementary School 4th grade class N. Soncarty Newspaper Article


Rodeo at Riverside Park Potlatch Elementary School 5th grade class N. Soncarty Plane Wreck in Korea


Norman Soncarty with airplane Norman Soncarty in Korea Potlatch Elementary School Mrs. Stella Benjamin's 6th grade class Verle E Brown military portrait N. Soncarty Barracks Photo N. Soncarty Jeep Photo, Korea N. Soncarty Korea Plane 22 N. Soncarty Red Kercheif Plane 11248 N. Soncarty Single-engin Plane Photograph


Daylight view of the Carscallen Brothers' Sawmill Strong family portrait Hayden Lake farm Dora Fleener stands in a field of grain


Potlatch Confectionery Gold Dredge on the Palouse River Marion and Bertha Rosenfelt with Alice and Vernon Briney 25th anniversary celebration Fleener cats Co-Op Supply Princeton, ID New Avon Church


Nirk family portrait. Potlatch Confectionery


Marva Fleener and Craig Fleener Infant portrait of Craig Fleener


Potlatch Drug store Soncarty family Ford NAA Tractor


Fleener family photo [3] Fleener family photo [4]


Old wastewater treatment plant Lyle Brouse Unknown construction Mineral Mountain Lookout Memorial card for Judith An Whitesel Ansel Fleener Ansel Fleener sits reading Fleener Family Dog Family dogs


Newspaper clipping Newspaper clipping Newspaper clipping Craig Fleener Christmas photo Christmas photo Christmas photo of Tim Fleener Christmas photo of Tim and Craig Fleener Fleener visit to Kansas


Auction Sale orange flyer Old treatment plant Lowell Soncarty in Boise


Strong Christmas family portrait from 1964


Primary clarifier Abandoned Butterfield home


Kathleen Briney and Philip Fleener


Arthur and Alice McClure Strong Wedding anniversary Fritz Leistner House Estes Road and rail line Fleener family dogs Briney family photo


Orrin Crooks nominated for Idaho Operator of the Year Roy Davis' House


Primary clarifier Gravity thickener and primary clarifier Primary digester Gravity thickener Cement Man is Nocturnal Copper Etcher Fleener family photo Juanita Kay Fleener as a child Craig Fleener and trout he caught Orelia Kelly standing in a field Distant Shot of Field with fence Stump and field in background Gen Williams in Field Orelia Kelly beside Pickup Truck Telephone poles and trees Gen Williams in plaid shirt Field in mid-summer


Newspaper article Newspaper article Newspaper Article Newspaper Article Newspaper Article Scrapbook page Scum pump Sludge pump Sludge truck Wastewater treatment lab Wastewater treatment lab Scrapbook page Old wastewater treatment lab Gravity thickener and primary clarifier Primary digester and floating dome secondary digester anerobic digesters Trickling filters Secondary circular clarifier Lyle Brouse Fred Rohn place Tim and Phillip Fleener at Selway Fleener family photo [2] Tim Fleener and caught fish Fleener family Selway trip Fleener family Selway trip [2] Fleener family Selway trip [3] Fleener family Selway trip [4] Craig Loyal Fleener in Selway Tim Fleener digging holes Dwight Strong, Latah County Assessor


Letters from Troy students Envelope with letters


Flow diagram Craig Fleener in football gear


New treatment shop New treatment shop Sludge truck New treatment shop New treatment shop New treatment shop New treatment shop Irrigation lines Irrigation lines New treatment shop


Durell and Mary Nirk Nirk Family Photo 1974


Old treatment plant Primary clarifier Lyle Brouse and two unidentified men Lyle Brouse Mt. Home Community Hall


Portrait of Timothy Paul Fleener Timothy Paul Fleener dressed as Willie Nelson Group photo 1977


Dora Otter Fleener Fleener combine at harvest


Deer Hunters


Sewage Treatment Plant history Chlorine contact chamber Old treatment plant Old treatment plant Primary digester and floating dome secondary digester Control building Chlorine treatment system Lyle Brouse Memoirs of George Otness Phillip Fleener and Kenny Lederman lean on a 1952 F7000 Ford nicknamed The Doodler Vernon and Alice Briney 50th anniversary Vernon and Alice Briney 50th anniversary [2] Phillip Fleener on tractor Dora Otter Fleener working on her memoirs


Memoirs of Bernard Milton Otness Shannen Fleener at Christmas time Shannen Fleener's 2nd birthday Timothy Paul Fleener snowmobiling Timothy Paul Fleener on snowmobile Timothy Paul Fleener on tractor Timothy Paul Fleener on tractor [2] Fleener combine Fleener combines in the fields at harvest Fleener combine rides. Fleener Combines


competing at the Fossil Bowl Dustin Fleener Joyce and Dustin Fleener Motor Bike Race Tim Fleener on dirt bike Tim Fleener racing dirt bikes


Letter to Bill Hopkins from Bert Hopkins Letter to Bill Hopkins from Bert Hopkins on letterhead from the University of Connecticut


Old treatment plant Secondary clarifier Paradise Creek Trickle filters Ida Soncarty in her garden Dustin and Shannen Fleener at birthday party Carol and Christy Fleener Dustin Fleener and stuffed animal Truck hauling logs to edge of Fleener property. Tim Fleener and logging truck Tipped over logging truck Tim Fleener and tipped over logging truck Fleener home Ronald and Janie Nirk


Strong Homestead


Mountain Home Grange Larry Nirk in Nirk's Archery Office Durell Nirk Place, 1987 Elmore Church on Highway 95 Strong Family at Pummer-Wagner Lumber The Old Katzenberger place


Moscow Water Treatment Plant Layouts Kelly Soncarty wedding Old Fort Old Fort


Victor Beplate


Gravity thickener Dwight & Cleora Strong, Philip Hearn, and Setsuo Matsura


Contractor at work Lyle Brouse Inspecting corrosion Trickle filters Lyle Brouse Twice Sold Tales sign Dwight and Cleora Nirk Strong portrait


Strong Family Homestead


Gravity thickener and primary clarifier Primary clarifier Memoirs of Marian G. Smith Martin


50 Year Flood showing the bridge into the plant 50 Year Flood, at the Chlorine Contact Chamber 50 Year Flood [2] 50 Year Flood, from the Gravity Thickener 50 Year Flood [4] 50 Year Flood near Old Plant 50 Year Flood looking west from plant effluent pipes 50 Year Flood looking North from plant effluent pipes 50 Year Flood showing bridge into Wastewater Treatment Plant 50 Year Flood from the secondary clarifier Vox Coffee House menu and counter Vox Coffee House live music performance


Family tradition of cutting down Christmas tree Lawrence Daniels holding fresh cut tree Johann Miner (son-in-law of Wilma Daniels) in front of tree with axe Kelvin Daniels in front of fire


Anti-war rally walking through town in 1998 Anti-war rally in the quad on University of Idaho's campus Anti-war rally going through campus Woman holds sign during an anti-war rally A view of the anti-war rally from the University Classroom Center Protesters walking in the anti-war rally Silver Wings crew before the show Davis Farm during harvest


World Trade Organization (WTO) protest Bell Jar 1999 Local musicians play inside the new Bookpeople location New Bookpeople location Part of the chain of customers moving Bookpeople to its new location Elk Hunters


Bell Jar 2000 Fred and Violet Rohn Potlatch High School Class of 1960 40th Reunion


Bell Jar 2001 Bell Jar 2001 Renaissance Fair 2001


Lurker Bowl from Winter 2002 Lurker Bowl participants in the snow


Code Pink protest downtown Moscow Code Pink protest outside the Federal Building A man wrapped in duct tape for the Code Pink protest NPR Fundraiser Bucket of Blood Bar Augir Homestead a century later


Border Highlanders play at Burns Nite Dan Maher and Gerri Sayler at Burns Nite 2004 Lurker Bowl from Winter 2004 Moscow Civic Association Booth at the 2004 Ren Fair Volunteers at the Moscow Civic Association Booth at the 2004 Ren Fair Moscow Civic Association Booth at the Ren Fair Renaissance Fair 2004 Funeral Program Obituary for Violet Rohn


Soncarty barn on National Register Newspaper Article


Soncarty anniversary announcement


Potlatch High School Class of 1960 50th Reunion


Preservation Moscow 2011


Preservation Moscow 2012


Preservation Moscow 2014


Potlatch Food Bank


Riverside ""Potlatch's Famous Fun Spot"" book Grand Marshalls during the Potlatch Days parade


Potlatch Gymnasium as of 2018