Collection Timeline

1892 to 2015


Organization and progress of work at the experimental stations Announcement, and proposed work of the stations


The application of chemistry to the agricultural development of Idaho Methods of preventing smut in wheat and oats The relation of meteorology to the agricultural interests of Idaho


Annual report for the year 1893 Insecticides and spraying Water and water analyses Idaho soils: their origin and composition


Idaho agriculture, descriptive and experimental


Smuts and rusts of grains in Idaho, and the most approved methods of dealing with them Sugar beets in Idaho Meteorology Report for fiscal year ending June 30, 1898, with financial reports for 1897-98 Twelve of Idaho's worst weeds


The San Jose scale in Idaho Construction and management of hotbeds Sugar beet investigation in 1898 Miscellaneous analyses: a. Strawberries, b. Peas, c. Wines, d. Foods, poisons, fertilizers, e. Potable water Apple scab in the Potlatch


The codling moth Onion growing 1-Meteorological records, 2-Prediction of frosts 1.-Cattle feeding, 2.-Crop tests


The composition of arsenical insecticides (025, Bulletin No., 1901) I. Crude Petroleum--Preliminary Report.  II. The Elm Louse.  III> The Pear Leaf Blister Mite. (026, Bulletin No., 1901) The Service of Soils (030, Bulletin No., 1901) Some Idaho Soils (028, Bulletin No., 1901) I. Report of the Director for the two years ending June 30th, 1900: II. Meteorological Records (029, Bulletin No., 1901) Mushrooms or Toadstools: A Natural Food Product. (027, Bulletin No., 1901)


Tomato culture (034, AES Bulletin, 1902) Some Grasses and Clovers and How to Grow them in Idaho (033, Bulletin No., 1902) Some Spraying Experiments for 1901(031, Bulletin No., 1902) 1. Steer Feeding: 2. Feeding Lambs: 3. Analysis of Stock Foods


Meteorological records, soil temperatures (035, AES Bulletin, 1903) The codling moth (036, AES Bulletin, 1903) Some conditions of stock poisoning in Idaho (037, AES Bulletin, 1903) Grasses and forage plants in Idaho (038, AES Bulletin, 1903)


Trap rocks of Palouse region as road material (045, AES Bulletin, 1904) Alkali and the treatment of alkali lands, part 1(044, AES Bulletin, 1904) Grasshopper and cricket outbreaks (041, AES Bulletin, 1904) Some experiments with fungus diseases in 1903 (039, AES Bulletin, 1904) Winter spraying for the apple aphis (040, Agricultural Experiment Bulletin, 1904) Experiments in pig feeding (042, AES Bulletin, 1904) Planting the apple orchard (043, AES Bulletin, 1904)


The grape phylloxera (046, AES Bulletin, 1905) Soil temperatures 1903-1904, Summary of weather data 1894-1904 (049, AES Bulletin, 1905) Trap rocks of Palouse region as road material, part II (050, AES Bulletin, 1905) Animal husbandry: raising animals on separator milk (048, AES Bulletin, 1905) Alkali and the treatment of alkali lands, part II, alkali conditions in the Payette Valley (051, AES Bulletin, 1905) Pruning the apple orchard (047, AES Bulletin, 1905)


Potato scab (052, AES Bulletin, 1906) Experiments with wheat and oats for smut (053, AES Bulletin, 1906) Picking, packing, and marketing the apple (054, AES Bulletin, 1906)


Conditions affecting the production of denatured alcohol in the Northwest (060, Bulletin No., 1907) The Rex spray and other lime and sulphur compounds (056, AES Bulletin, 1907) A soil fertility test (059, AES Bulletin, 1907) Mixed sprays for apple scab and codling moth (055, AES Bulletin, 1907) Irrigation investigations (058, AES Bulletin, 1907) Indian corn: its production and improvement (057, AES Bulletin, 1907)


Babcock test for butter fat (063, Bulletin No., 1908) Alaska wheat investigation (065, Bulletin No., 1908) Spraying experiments 1907 (061, Bulletin No., 1908) Dry farming in Idaho (062, Bulletin No., 1908) Planting apple orchards in Idaho (064, Bulletin No.; 1908)


Alfalfa (066, Bulletin No., 1909) Better dairy methods (067, Bulletin No., 1909)


Chemical and mechanical analyses of characteristic Idaho soils (068, Bulletin No., 1910) The farmer's vegetable garden (069, Bulletin No., 1910)


Weed pests of Idaho and methods of eradication (071, Bulletin No., 1911) Strawberry culture in Idaho (070, Bulletin No., 1911) A report on the milling properties of Idaho wheat (072, Bulletin No., 1911)


Hog raising for the Idaho farmer (074, Bulletin No., 1912) A study of Idaho butter with suggestions for improvement (073, Bulletin No., 1912) The composition of irrigated and non-irrigated fruits (075, Bulletin No., 1912) Idaho potato culture clubs Idaho sewing contest clubs Measurement of irrigation water


Lamb feeding and sheep husbandry in Idaho (077, Bulletin No., 1913) Tomato culture in Idaho (076, Bulletin No., 1913) Hog cholera in Idaho Alfalfa weevil Home economics division


Grass pastures for irrigated lands (080, Bulletin No., 1914) Irrigation practice: a report of four years investigation at the Gooding Sub-Station (078, Bulletin No., 1914) Potato culture: "Potato culture for northern Idaho"; "Potato culture under irrigation"; "Dry land potato culture"; "Potato diseases and insect pests" (079, Bulletin No., 1914) Directory of the Idaho breeders of pure-bred live stock


Recommended varieties of fruit for Idaho (083, Bulletin No., 1915) Soils of the cut-and burned-over areas of north Idaho (081, Bulletin No., 1915) Canning fruits and vegetables on the farm (082, Bulletin No., 1915) Annual report for year ending June 30, 1915 (084, Bulletin No., 1915) Second year cooking bulletin: batters and doughs Instructions for canning fruits and vegetables, Boys and girls' clubs, Mother-daughter home canning clubs First year cooking bulletin, bread, Idaho cooking clubs County agriculturist movement First year sewing bulletin, Idaho sewing clubs Third year sewing bulletin, Idaho sewing clubs


The use of lime-sulfur as a summer spray for apple scab (085, Bulletin No., 1916) Some poisonous plants of Idaho (086, Bulletin No., 1916) Lamb and sheep feeding experiments (089, Bulletin No., 1916) Creamery records (090, Bulletin No., 1916) Dry-farmed and irrigated wheat (088, Bulletin No., 1916) Insect pests of the orchards and gardens of Idaho and their control (087, Bulletin No., 1916) Methods of clearing logged-off land (091, Bulletin No., 1916) Annual report for year ending June 30, 1916 (092, Bulletin No., 1916) Boys' and girls' agricultural and home clubs for Idaho Meats Second year sewing bulletin, Idaho sewing clubs Biennial report of Director of Extension


Experiments with small grains under irrigation Experiments with legume crops under irrigation The management of irrigated grass pastures The management of farm flocks in Idaho Commercial onion culture in Idaho Winter versus summer pruning of apple trees Experiments in the irrigation of apple orchards The management of dairy herds The production of alfalfa seed in southern Idaho The production of clover seed under irrigation in southern Idaho


Work and progress of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ended December 31, 1918 A preliminary report on the clover aphis and methods for its control Power farming in Idaho Drying and serving fruits and vegetables in the home Irrigation and the protein content of wheat Sprays for the control of San Jose scale Soils of Latah County, Idaho The home garden in Idaho Trees--What, where, when and how to plant Annual report for year ending December 31, 1917 Performance records of some eastern wheats in Idaho Save the meat Farm sewage disposal for Idaho conditions Grading the Idaho wheat crop Measuring hay in ricks or stacks Boys' and girls' agricultural and home clubs for Idaho, General announcement


Soil and climatic factors in relation to crop production on the Palouse silt loam of Idaho Feeding for egg production: vegetable versus animal protein in egg production Swine management in Idaho Field pea production in north Idaho The "slick spots" of middle western Idaho with suggestions for their elimination Sugar beet growing by boys' and girls' clubs, state of Idaho Clothing selection for women Selection of clothing for children Rope and its uses on the farm Growing the Idaho potato Poultry husbandry in Idaho Farm Bureau organization Problems in handicraft for Corn Club work Tools: their use and care Problems in handicraft for Pig Club projects Problems in handicraft in Poultry Club work Club songs Problems in handicraft for the home Bread bulletin, first and second year bread clubs


Experiments in the size of the seed piece and other factors in the production of potatoes under irrigation in southern Idaho Forage crops for the non-irrigated lands of Idaho Work and progress of the Argicultural Experiment Station for the year ended December 31, 1919 Idaho purebred livestock directory Canada thistle in Idaho and how to get rid of it Junior Club songs Dodder in Idaho Farm Bureau organization Third clothing bulletin Second clothing bulletin


Tuberculosis of poultry Field peas for pork production The codlin moth in the Payette Valley Preliminary report on farm organization in Twin Falls and Latah counties Work and progress of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ended December 31, 1920 Cheese making in the home Fighting alfalfa weevil Making of breads bulletin, first and second year bread clubs Idaho purebred poultry directory Feeding for egg production Grasshopper pest how to overcome it by co-operative campaigns


The eelworm disease of red clover Work and progress of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ended December 31, 1921 The farm septic tank The measurement of water Making your own hat Designing your own costume


Preliminary report: business analysis of 181 general crop, 11 dairy and 10 fruit farms, Twin Falls County, Idaho, 1921 Work and progress of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ended December 31, 1922 Housing farm poultry Third clothing bulletin


The value of certain protein feeds for production and quality in eggs : three years' work--1920-23 Work and progress of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ended December 31, 1923 First clothing bulletin Biennial report of the Extension Service in agriculture and home economics 1923/24


Vegetable seed production in Idaho Artificial brooding Seasonal variation as it affects the activity and control of the alfalfa weevil in Idaho The fruit tree leaf roller: its control in southern Idaho by the use of oil emulsion sprays Farming practices for the cut-over lands of northern Idaho Work and progress of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ended December 31, 1924 Food preparation and food facts, first and second year bread and nutrition clubs Fourth clothing bulletin Control of grasshoppers in Idaho Food facts Second clothing bulletin


Rate, date and depth of seeding winter wheat: including recommendations on cultural practices and on selection and treatment of seed Cooperative cream pools in Idaho Alfalfa seed production in southern Idaho Work and progress of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ended December 31, 1925 Growing sunflowers for silage in Idaho Brooding and pullet development Designing your own costume Idaho weeds how to know and control them Running water in the farm home


The beet leaf-hopper (Eutettix tenellus Baker): a survey in Idaho The snowy tree cricket: its injury to prunes and methods of combating it The poultry situation in Idaho: being part II of a tentative report of the agricultural situation based on an economic survey of the production and markating of Idaho farm products The potato situation in Idaho: being part III of a tentative report of the agricultural situation based on an economic survey of the production and markating of Idaho farm products The dairy situation in Idaho: being part II of a tentative report of the agricultural situation based on an economic survey of the production and marketing of Idaho farm products The farming business in Idaho : being part I of a tentative report of the agricultural situation, based on an economic survey of the production and marketing of Idaho farm products Apple pomace silage for milk production Work and progress of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ended December 31st, 1926 Growing clover seed in Idaho Sweet clover: growing and handling the crop in Idaho The use of time by farm women Turkey growing in Idaho


Statistics on the prices and destinations of Idaho apples: the four crops, 1923 to 1926 Study of bull associations in Idaho Work and progress of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ended December 31, 1927 Idaho recommendation chart for plant disease and insect control The cut-over lands of northern Idaho Apple tree leaf roller in northern Idaho Bean production in irrigated sections of Idaho Idaho 4-H Club manual Suggestions for profitable dairying


The control of fowl pox in poultry Progress report of prune storage and maturity studies Factors relating to the price of Idaho potatoes Food consumption and food expenditures in relation to standards of requirements and family income Work and progress of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ended December 31, 1928 Dairy herd improvement through the use of proved bulls Third clothing bulletin Fourth clothing bulletin 4-H food facts and home cookery Housing farm poultry Second clothing bulletin Sympotmatology, Transmission, Infection and Control of Bean Mosiac in Idaho


Work and progress of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ended December 31, 1929 Alfalfa on the cut-over lands of northern Idaho Standardization of milk with skimmilk powder for the manufacture of cheddar cheese The cherry industry in the Lewiston orchards with cultural recommendations Bulk handling grain from the hillside type combine Steer prices in relation to Idaho beef producers' problems Farming systems for eastern Washington and northern Idaho Brooding and pullet development Idaho 4-H club leader's manual Turkey growing in Idaho


Lamb feeding investigation Rate of seeding for peas Crops to replace spring wheat in northern Idaho Tillage methods for high altitude dry farming Methods affecting the efficiency of chlorate weed killers Grains for the cut-over lands of northern Idaho Physiological studies of the cracking of sweet cherries Controlling the firebrat in buildings by means of poisoned bait The removal of arsenical residue from apples Sterilizing dairy utensils on the farm Work and progress of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ending December 31, 1930 Rural electrification development in Idaho How to control grasshoppers Lamb is always in season Suggested program and instructions for Idaho 4-H dairy clubs Dairy products for health and economy Brooding and pullet development


Type in market swine and its influence on quality of pork Hog prices and the hog enterprise on Idaho farms Prune maturity and storage Planning the farm business for the year ahead Efficiency of cream stations in cream collection Field studies of the beet leafhopper Work and progress of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ending December 31, 1931 Fattening range lambs in Idaho A method of determining what to produce: budgeting the farm program on the Twin Falls irrigation project First clothing bulletin Harvesting field peas with the combine Apple time in Idaho Fertilizer suggestions for Idaho farmers Swine husbandry in Idaho 4-H pig club


Adaptability of alfalfa strains and varieties for Idaho Work and progress of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ending December 31, 1932 Profitable systems of farming for the Idaho Falls area Growing the Idaho potato Third clothing bulletin Fourth clothing bulletin Idaho 4-H club leader's manual An Investigation of the Lygus Species Which Are Pests of Beans (Hemiptera, Miridae)


The bin method of mixing feed Alfalfa seed screenings as a feed for dairy cows Codling moth control in Idaho Reseeding burned-over lands in northern Idaho Alcohol-gasoline engine fuels A varietal study of the susceptibility of sweet cherries to cracking Types of farming in Idaho, part I: agricultural resources and factors affecting their use Science aids Idaho farmers : annual report of the Experiment Station for the year ending December 31, 1933 Fattening Idaho range cattle Types of farming in Idaho, part II: the type of farming areas Turkey growing in Idaho Water supply and plumbing for the farm home


Sunflower silage for milk production Sweet clover silage as a fed for dairy cows Pea meal as a feed for dairy cows Potatoes as a feed for dairy cows Effect of various phases in the manufacture of casein by the natural sour method on its physical and chemical properties Soybean production in Idaho The vitamin C content of the russet burbank potato in Idaho Index numbers of Idaho farm prices Science aids Idaho farmers : the annual report of the Experiment Station for the year ending December 31, 1934 Suggested program and instructions for Idaho 4-H dairy clubs Idaho perennial weeds Housing farm poultry


Distribution and Costs of Steam, Electrical Power, and Labor in Representative Idaho Creameries (012, Research Bulletin, 1936) Science aids Idaho farmers: the annual report of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ending December 31, 1935 Brooding and pullet development Mormon cricket with suggestions for its control Swine husbandry in Idaho Suggestions for profitable dairying 4-H pig club 4-H food facts and home cookery, Part I 4-H food facts and home cookery, Part II


Influence of tenancy on types of farming and Agricultural income by soil types, Minidoka Irrigation Project Eradicating perennial weeds with carbon bisulphide


Fertilization of apple and prune orchards in Idaho Idaho bull associations Crop rotation studies Forty-five years of service to Idaho agriculture: the annual report of the Agricultural Experiment Station for the year ending December 31, 1937 Third clothing bulletin Fourth clothing bulletin Fertilizer suggestions for Idaho farmers Conserving Irrigation Water


Progress report of phosphate and other fertilizer investigations at the Aberdeen Branch Experiment Station, University of Idaho High lights in agricultural research in Idaho: forty-sixth annual report for the year ending December 31, 1938 Basic data for land classification Markets and market preferences for Idaho potatoes First year canning Second year canning Third year canning Fifth year canning First clothing bulletin Second clothing bulletin Swine husbandry in Idaho Prevention and control of poultry diseases Preliminary report on the relative value of various phosphate fertilizers on southern Idaho soil conditions Idaho 4-H club leader's manual Farm records for Idaho farmers Poultry rations 4-H food facts and home cookery, Part I 4-H food facts and home cookery, Part II Selecting and fattening 4-H beef calves Factory tests for dairy products Fifth year clothing project Housing farm poultry Fourth year canning


The transmission of and resistance to fowl paralysis (Lymphomatosis) Bean improvement and bean diseases in Idaho Alkali reclamation investigations Report of progress in solving Idaho's farm problems: forty-seventh annual report for the year ending December 31, 1939 Livestock judging Idaho recommendations for insect control Pea weevil control Feeding potatoes to livestock Suggestions for profitable dairying Diseases of potatoes in Idaho Farm Water Measurement Treatments for Control of Grain Smuts


The mineola moth or destructive prune worm The phosphorus requirement for growing and fattening beef steers The production of ethyl alcohol from cull potatoes and other farm crops: a review of the status of alcohol production and utilization, and a report of the operations of the experimental alcohol plant at Idaho Falls Report of progress in solving Idaho's farm problems: forty-eighth annual report for the year ending December 31, 1940 Fertilizers for Idaho farms Vegetable gardening for home and defense


Growing strawberries in Idaho Onion seed production in Idaho Organization and efficiency of dry-land wheat farms in eastern Idaho Land values, mortgages, rents, and wheat yields of northern Idaho wheat lands Climate of the Palouse area of Idaho as indicated by fifty years of climatological data on the University farm Diseases of small fruits in Idaho High lights in agricultural research in Idaho: forty-ninth annual report for the year ending December 31, 1941 Windbreaks for Idaho farms Growing the Idaho potato Prevention and control of poultry diseases Swine diseases prevention and control Dairy products for health and economy


Crops and cultural practices on former apple orchard land Wartime agricultural research: fiftieth annual report of the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station. For the year ending December 31, 1942 Minerals for livestock


Pea diseases in Idaho Diversified farming in the Palouse region of northern Idaho Wartime growth and decline of hog production in the northern Idaho cash-grain area Stubble mulch farming in southern Idaho Diseases of potatoes in Idaho Idaho recommendations for insect control Wartime agricultural research: fifty-first annual report of the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station. For the year ending June 30, 1944 Regrassing southern Idaho range lands Housing farm poultry 4-H health project I Farm dairy structures Idaho Amber Sorgo


The rural land market in the northern Idaho grain-pea area Potato starch production in Idaho Thirty-five years of farm prices to Idaho farmers The phosphorus requirement of ewes for pregnancy and lactation Influence of commercial fertilizers on Idaho potatoes A survey of the diseases of the carrot seed crop in Idaho with control recommendations Wartime agricultural research: fifty-second annual report of the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station. For the year ending June 30, 1945 Potato insect control 4 H foods project : division 1 junior cookery 4 H foods project: division 2 breakfast Brooding and pullet development Grubs and lice on cattle


Grasses and cultural methods for reseeding abandoned farm lands in southern Idaho Agricultural research in Idaho: fifty-third annual report of the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station. For the year ending June 30, 1946 4 H food project division 3 luncheon 4-H club dairy bulletin: division II Tree appreciation 4H insect control activity Let's butcher a hog Housing farm help


Agricultural research in Idaho: fifty-fourth annual report of the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station. For the year ending June 30, 1947 Freezing foods for use in the home Clothing for home and play: division 2 4-H dairy club bulletin: division III Inoculation of Legumes


Verticillium Wilt of Potatoes in Idaho (013, Research Bulletin, 1948) Relationship of Microorganisms to the Disappearance of Rancidity in Cheddar Cheese (014, Research Bulletin, 1948) Early Spring lamb production on irrigated farms in Idaho Controlling perennial weeds with sodium chlorate, carbon bisulfide, and borax Agricultural research in Idaho: fifty-fifth annual report, year ending June 30, 1948 Demonstrations the 4-H way 4-H club dairy bulletin: division I 4H clothing project division 1 4-H foods project: division 4 dinner Let's butcher a beef Farm water measurement Using 2,4-D for selective and non-selective weed control Sewing is easy and fun Irrigated pastures Your cotton outfit Your bedtime outfit Little Cherry Disease Threatens Idaho Cherry Orchards


Fusarium Seedpiece Decay of Potatoes In Idaho and Its Relation to Blackleg (015, Research Bulletin, 1949) Investigations on Cause and Prevention of Greening of Potato Tubers (016, Research Bulletin, 1949) Manchar smooth brome Tomato yield and grade as affected by variety, irrigation and fertilizer Grass and grass seed production Agricultural research in Idaho: fifty-sixth annual report, year ending June 30, 1949 Potato tuber diseases, defects, and insect injuries in the Pacific Northwest Rations for your laying hens Farm forestry Woodfibre diatomite concrete High protein wheat with conservation farming Growing strawberries in Idaho Western X Disease of Peaches in Idaho


A Study of Factors Influencing Floral Initiation and Seedstalk Development in the Onion, Allium Cepa Linn (018, Research Bulletin, 1950) Characteristics of Saline and Alkali Soils in the Emmett Valley Area, Idaho (017, Research Bulletin, 1950; Characteristics of Saline and Alkali Soils in the Emmett Valley Area, Idaho) Steps that can be taken to reduce mechanical damage to potatoes at harvest time Concentrate and alfalfa hay ratios for growing and fattening Idaho lambs Idaho recommendations for insect control Agricultural research in Idaho: fifty-seventh annual report, year ending June 30, 1950 Use the farm level for better irrigation and soil conservation Your farmhouse: plan it to fit your needs Imperida: A New Bunching Carrot


Characteristics of Irrigation Waters in Idaho (019, Research Bulletin, 1951; Characteristics of Irrigation Waters in Idaho) Decayed, missing and filled teeth of Idaho-born freshmen at the University of Idaho Consumer preference for sized Idaho russet burbank potatoes Costs of sprinkler irrigation on Idaho farms The Idaho potato harvester Marketing potatoes for consumer approval Land capability for soil and water conservation in Idaho 4-H foods project Color in your hands Tree planting for Idaho farms Plan your farm for good farm living Cold-soak wood preservation


A Study of Simulated Hail Injury On Potatoes (022, Research Bulletin, 1952) Some Vitamin Deficiencies of the Suckling Pig (021, Research Bulletin, 1952) Idaho 4H sheep club Irrigated pastures for Idaho farms Alfalfa and Clover Pests in Idaho Distribution in Idaho of the Disease on Peach and Cherry Caused by the Western X Virus Hay Harvesting Time, Labor, and Costs Vary with Harvesting Methods Controlling Perennial Weeds with Tillage


Snow mold damage in Idaho's winter wheat (no. 200, University of Idaho College of Agriculture Bulletin, 1953) Sun-Dried Potatoes for Fattening Steers (201, Bulletin, 1953) Peas- a source of protein for sheep (024, Research Bulletin, 1953) Bottleneck Tubers and Jelly-End Rot In the Russet Burbank Potato (023, Research Bulletin, 1953) An Economic Analysis of Butter-Nonfat Dry Milk Plants (020, Research Bulletin, 1953) Essentials of producing good milk Pole frame construction for Idaho farm buildings Grassland farming Brooding and rearing pullets for profitable layers Growing Carrot Seed in Idaho B 12115: A Superior New Onion Inbred for Use as a Pollen Parent in Hybridization Seed and Soil Treatments for Prevention of Diseases in Vegetables and Flowers


Idaho's portable sheep loader: Saves time, labor, and stock (203, Bulletin, 1954) You can control noxious weeds 2, 4-D for weed control in cereal crops Your electric farm shop: Plan it, build it, use it (202, Extension Bulletin, 1954) Prepared and cooked: Foods to fit your freezer (206, Extension Bulletin, 1954) Weed control: With chemicals cultivation rotation (207, Bulletin, 1954) Analysis of potato packing costs in Idaho, 1950 - 1951 seasons (208, Experiment Station Bulletin, 1954) Crop varieties to fit your growing conditions (209, Experiment Bulletin, 1954) Funtime favorites (210, Extension Bulletin, 1954) Fiesta: a new hybrid onion for use where sweet Spanish strains are adapted (211, Bulletin, 1954) Bonanza: A new hybrid onion for long storage Farm bulletins for Idaho farmers Red top conifers and why they turn red Needle cast diseases of western larch Idaho bountiful and golden gem snap beans resistant to mosaic and curly top Injury to Russet Burbank potatoes by different harvesting machines Small fruit diseases and their control Effects of mechanical injury upon the storage losses of Russet Burbank potatoes Powdery mildew control in Idaho orchards Fertilizers for sweet corn Sodar wheatgrass (214, Bulletin, 1954) Guide in answering basic questions on farm machinery costs Safflower production Optimum Ratio of Concentrate to Alfalfa Hay for Steers as Affected by Protein Level and Method of Feeding (026, Research Bulletin, 1954) Use of Radio-Frequency Heat in Seed Treatment (025, Research Bulletin, 1954) The Inheritance of Resistrance to Tobacco Mosaic Virus in an Interspecific Tomato Cross (027, Research Bulletin, 1954)


Beef cattle feeding experiments with urea Idaho broiler production Fuel values of Idaho woods Cody oats Austrian peas: A protein supplement in poultry rations Western bean cutworm and its control Idaho 4-H club: Leaders' guide Establishment of sweet clover in dry land areas, The Growth Responses of Lambs Fed Three Levels of Roughage with Chlortetracylcine and Aurofac 2A (031, Research Bulletin, 1955) Selecting And Breeding Potatoes For Field Resistance To Verticillium Wilt In Idaho (030, Research Bulletin, 1955) The Performance of the Pregnant and Lactating Ewe as Affected by Phosphorus Sources and Quantity (029, Research Bulletin, 1955) Hormone Relations in the Growth and Training of Apple Trees (028, Research Bulletin, 1955) Optimum Ratio of Concentrate and Roughage for Steers as Affected by Corn Silage and Protein Level (032, Research Bulletin, 1955) Management and Feeding of Brood Sows Protein and Mineral Content of Forage Legumes and Grasses in Idaho Seed Treatment of Forage Grasses and Small-Seeded Legumes in Idaho Stylish Separates 4-H Clothing Project Modern Miss Series Barley A Valuable Feed For Egg Production Management Practices For Idaho Laying Flocks The Idaho Farm-Flock Laying House 4H Foods Project Division 2 Breakfast Whitetop and its control Irrigation of Russet Burbank Potatoes in Idaho Packing Idaho Potatoes A Study of Plant Design, Equipment Layout, and Costs Plans for Idaho Farm Builders Marketing Forage Seeds Irrigation of Hay and Pasture Crops in Idaho


Genetic and Environmental Changes as shown by Idaho D.H.I.A. Records (034, Research Bulletin, 1956) Nutritional Status of School Children 15 and 16 Years of Age in Three Idaho Communities (033, Research Bulletin, 1956) Protect Your Pollinators Pickles and Relishes for the family table Cytospora Canker of Prunes Little Cherry and Western X-Desease In Cherries and Peaches Suggestions for Preventing Cheese Starter Failures Producing Early Gem Potatoes in Idaho There is a 4-H club for you Latent Viruses in Stone Fruit Trees Fire-Blight of Apples and Pears Fall Flattery 4-H Clothing Project Fashion Miss Series Packing 10-pound Sacks of Idaho Potatoes Building Layouts For Dairy Units An Economic Study of Small Fluid Milk Plant Problems in Nortthern Idaho


Fertilizer studies on Russet Burbank potatoes in Southern Idaho Mechanical injury to potatoes from harvester to consumer New ideas in packing potatoes Have Fun with Foods Have Fun with Foods Unit 2 Have Fun with Foods Unit 3 Farm Sheep Equipment Layouts What do Idaho Teen-agers Eat? Weigh Right - Feel Right Farm Implement Carrier Nitrogen What Farmers Should Know About It What Farmers Should Know About Phosphorus Have Fun with Foods Unit 4 Estimating Hail Injury In Potatoes A Handbook For Dairy Advertising Adapting the Standard Air-Over Method for "Quick" Determination of the Moisture Content of Small Seeds


Idaho recommendations for insect control [REVISION/Reprint] Bean production in Idaho Fertilizer materials for Idaho farmers Your cotton outfit: 4-H clothing -- plan II Antibiotic and pesticide residues in milk are adulterants Common diseases of poultry in Idaho 4-H dairy handbook, division II Trees of Idaho Park oats for Idaho Delayed concentrate feeding of steers: 1. As affected by time and type of roughage Irrigation development in Idaho under the desert land act Diseases of beans in Idaho


Red mexican UI-35: Mosaic resistant small red bean Formulation of Idaho steer fattening rations Itana and Columbia new hard winter wheats for Idaho The Owyhee tomato: Idaho's curly-top resistant variety Bean fertilization in Southern Idaho Our friends the trees Halogeton and its control Wearable woolens: 4-H clothing project Idaho fruit varieties Analyzing dairy farms for maximum profit: A study of agricultural adjustment Shipping Idaho potatoes in 50-pound boxes Poultry feed formulation: Starter -- broiler -- grower -- layer -- breeder rations Gifts from your kitchen Delayed concentrate feeding to steers: Part 2 relation of quantity of concentrate fed to carcass grade and yield Stages of potato plant growth Field corn production in Idaho Tomato disease control Egg and poultry marketing facilities in retail grocery stores in three Idaho counties Fruit and vegetable marketing facilities in retail grocery stores in three Idaho counties Winter wheat production Costs of baling and chopping hay in south central Idaho Water quality study in the Boise Valley Fresh and processed potato consumption in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Evaluation of some irrigation water control devices Idaho farm and home bulletins. Control Canada thistle for greater profits A study of simulated hail injury in beans Sulfur Uptake and Residual Studies in Northern Idaho Using Radiosulfur


Small non-industrial forest owners in northern Idaho: their characteristics, attitudes, and how they market products from their woodlands Mastitis costs you {dollar}{dollar}{dollar}: prevent it! Wood beams for farm structures A guide for fertilizing Idaho farm crops Costs and benefits of reseeding range lands in southern Idaho Patio barbecues Heavy duty stock trailer The influence of seed-piece treatment on disease control and yield of Russet Burbank potatoes Availability of graded and ungraded eggs in grocery stores in three Idaho counties Medusahead: range menace UI-74, a small white bean resistant to common bean mosaic virus Tendoy :a new hard red winter wheat for dry land areas in southern Idaho The performance of steers on pasture and in the feedlot as affected by stilbestrol implants Training and pruning Italian prune trees Irrigation of snap beans grown for seed in Idaho Soil fumigation with a two-bottom two-way plow Canada thistle: identification and control Refinishing wood furniture Planning foods for your family Measurement of Water Over Silted-In Weirs


Sewing is easy and fun: 4-H clothing plan 1 First aids to food buying Buying fresh fruits and vegetables Steer feeding research by the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station Agricultural research for Idaho: dedicated to Idaho's greatest basic industry. Potato Eumartii wilt: symptoms, cause and control Potato Early Blight: symptoms, cause and control Potato scab: symptoms, cause and control Malformed potatoes: factors affecting their development Knobby tubers: factors affecting their production Potato verticillium wilt: symptoms, cause and control Buying canned and specialty foods Field bindweed: identification and control Peachleaf curl Feeding dairy calves and heifers Buying convenience foods If it's a pile fabric Buying meat Prevention of pesticide residues in milk Coryneum blight of stone fruit trees Pole frame construction for Idaho farm buildings Availability of fruits and vegetables in selected retail grocery stores in Ada, Bannock, and Kootenai counties Evening elegance Efficient resource combination on dryland farms in southeastern Idaho Tramp iron removal from livestock feeds Gem County soils: profile descriptions and laboratory data Idaho forage crop handbook


Rid your Flock of Sheep Lice You Can Improve Breeding Efficiency in Your Dairy Herd Designs in Necklines Evaluation of Potato Varieties in Idaho A New Kind of Dendrometer Fashon Modeling Your 4-H Garment Nordan- Crested Wheatgrass for Idaho Rations for Veal Calves Delayed Concentrate Feeding to Steers Irrigation and Fertilization of Field Corn Grown for Silage in Southeastern Idaho Idaho Beef-Growth and Development of an Industry Idaho Game Guide from Field to Table A Comparison of Cropping Systems for the Washington-Idaho Palouse Area Hints for Furniture Arrangement Pruning Ornamental Trees, Ornamental Shrubs, Fruit Trees Potato rhizoctonia: symptoms, cause, control Family financial checklist and important papers Control of root knot nematode of potatoes by soil fumigation Hormones, antibiotics, tranquilizers for young lambs Control of fruit-dropping in Italian prunes by foliar sprays of 2,4,5-TP High quality eggs: producer to consumer Asparagus studies in southwestern Idaho Iron chelate control of chlorosis in peach trees Producing the Idaho potato Payette: a new curly top resistant dwarf tomato variety Tillage of sweetclover under dryland conditions The availability of fresh and frozen poultry in grocery stores in three Idaho counties Drying shelled corn


Stem Rust, Leaf Rust, Stripe Rust of Wheat You Can Prevent Mastitis Pressing Equipment to make your pressing easy Producing Field Corn in Idaho Idaho Farm and Home Bulletins The Idaho Prune Industry Production Costs How to Exhibit Fruit and Vegetables Idaed-59 a Rust Resistant Spring Wheat Tall Larkspur and its Control The Market and Price for Idaho Fresh Prunes Livestock Prices at the Idaho Falls Auction Market Electricity for the 4-H Scientists Idaho Potato Storages Construction and Management Quality comparisons of eggs in Idaho retail stores Steer feeding: barley in non-roughage rations Economics of transporting Idaho beef cattle The smooth-leaved perennial groundcherry: Physalis longifolia var. subglabrata Market channels selected by Idaho cattlemen: an economic analysis Idabelle: a new sweet pepper Wheat, oats and barley for irrigated areas


Electricity for the 4-H scientist: safety, uses, economy: division II. Electricity for the 4-H scientist: safety, uses, economy: division III. Electricity for the 4-H scientist: safety, uses, economy: division IV. Raspberry growing in Idaho Timber: how much do I have? Machine magic. The Safest place. Upgrading farm dairy facilities for manufacturing milk Life history of the hop downy mildew fungus 1964 fly control for Idaho dairymen Oahe intermediate wheatgrass Fall fertilization in Idaho Red Mexican beans UI-36 and UI-37 Managing your money :a family plan Storage all through the house The sawmilling industry of northern Idaho Know your measures Potato vine killing in Idaho Beet tops as livestock feed Swine manure handling and disposal Timing final irrigation for higher yields of no. 1 potatoes


Micro- and secondary nutrients for Idaho soils Piroline: a new Idaho feed barley Idaho potato storage recommendations Hiland: a six-rowed feed barley well adapted for irrigation Leafy spurge: identification and control Vaccination of poultry Idelight: a new snap bean resistant to mosaic and curly top The Mexican bean beetle in Idaho and the West Mastitis prevention means cash for you. The influence of soil moisture on snap bean seed production Halo blight Strawberry growing in Idaho Spider mites of beans and corn and their control Let's entertain Potato production costs Electricity for the 4-H scientist: safety, uses, economy: division VI. Climate of the Palouse area of Idaho Using wheat in the beef feedlot Better stands can boost potato profits Carrot budmite Special report to dairymen: answers to some pesticide questions Rank the cows in your dairy herd for income Musk thistle and its control Beef cattle futures market Halo blight First irrigation of potatoes Phosphorus requirements of severely eroded Palouse soils High prices and the demand for Idaho fresh-market potatoes What to look for in cattle sales contracts


Parma Globe, Parma Red Globe, Parma Giant: new curly top resistant table beets and Swiss chard Idaho swine testing program: a five-year summary Junior jiffies Lemhi 66: a rust resistant soft white spring wheat for irrigated areas of Idaho Pesticide log Alfalfa varieties for Idaho Potato leaf roll: symptoms, cause and control Furrow slickers: a boon to surface irrigation Grass seed harvesting methods Regar bromegrass Increasing vegetable production with plastics Production credit use in Idaho agriculture Quality evaluations of hard red spring and winter wheats, 1961-1965 Idaho lawns How to obtain help in time of natural disaster Grass seed production on southern Idaho dryland farms Planning a liquid manure handling system Quackgrass control in Idaho Nitrogen fertilizer improves quality of hard red winter wheat in eastern Idaho Low mosaic lettuce seed production Experiments in harvesting, curing, storing Yellow Sweet Spanish onions The nature of non-food non-price competition in food store advertising Potato ring rot: symptoms, cause and control Bingham oats Idaho presents training and educational opportunities for Idaho citizens Frost prevention in Idaho orchards Vibriosis of cattle Irrigation of spring wheat Wireworm control: irrigated farming:  1966 recommendations for potatoes, sugar beets, beans and corn Parasites, predators and nest destroyers of the alfalfa leafcutter bee Nitrogen boosts wheat protein and wheat profits 1966 controls for alfalfa weevil Press wheels for Idaho potato planters 1966 fly control for Idaho dairymen Control of alfalfa weevil with a ""sprayrower"" Lighting for laying hens Mechanization of fruit harvesting Weed Control in Carrot Seed Fields Canada Thistle Charactistics adn Control The Effect of Lygus spp. on Carrot Seed Production in Idaho (Hemiptera: Miridae)


Vegetable varieties for Idaho gardens Fertilizing irrigated pastures Federation-67: recommended for irrigated areas in southwestern Idaho New crops for 1967 Pinto UI-114: a new pinto bean resistant to mosaic and curly top Washoe alfalfa for southern Idaho Better potato stands Heifers vs. steers in the feedlot Reseeding medusahead-infested ranges Hardy chrysanthemums for Idaho The sawmilling industry of southern Idaho The western cattle feeding industry :structural and marketing changes, 1952-1962 Let's talk about seed Control lygus bugs in carrot seed fields Environmental control for poultry housing A self-cleaning pre-cleaner with aspirator for farm power units Weed control in onion seed fields Stalk rot of corn Dodder control in alfalfa grown for seed Di-Syston for controlling potato insects Wireworm control: irrigated farming:  recommendations for potatoes, sugar beets, onions, beans and corn Insect control for home garden fruits 1967 controls for alfalfa weevil Insects of lawn and ornamentals and their control Control of alfalfa weevil with a ""sprayrower"" 1967 fly control for Idaho dairymen Relationship of age of stand and variety to alfalfa hay yields Fertilizing deep-cut Portneuf silt-loam soils in southcentral Idaho Corn silage for dairy cattle Calibrate your field sprayer Straw decomposition Farming fever: its causes, symptoms and effects Ergot Poisoning Control of Early Dying of Potatoes by Soil Fumigation


So you're planning an outdoor recreation business Spring and fall freezing temperatures in Idaho Horse sense & safety for the beginner Supply responses of dryland wheat and barley farms in southeastern Idaho to alternative market prices, 1970 Moran :a rust-resistant, high-quality hard red spring wheat for eastern Idaho Ventilating Idaho potato storages Response of ewe lambs to hay quality and feeding method Talisman: a new American Clusters-type hop variety Ammonium polyphosphate as a source of nitrogen and phosphorus in cattle rations Diseases causing abortions in cattle Vibriosis of cattle Toxicity of insecticides to insect pollinators Cultural practices in alfalfa seed production Beet tops as livestock feed Weed control in alfalfa seed crops Food for small children Combine adjustment for harvesting alfalfa seed Dutch elm disease: prevention by sanitation Insect control for alfalfa seed production Preventing root graft transmission of Dutch elm disease Can I make money raising Christmas trees in Idaho? Eye problems in cattle Individual free-stall housing for dairy cattle Fly control for poultrymen Automatic irrigation Alfalfa leafcutter bee excluder-beetle trap Sprouted and Moldy Wheat : A Report on Chemical Composition and Mold Organism Analysis Plan Ahead to Prevent Livestock Losses from White Muscle Disease Potato Leaf Roll and the Green Peach Aphid in 1968 1968 Controls for Alfalfa Weevil Dutch Elm Disease and Community Decisions Chemical Curing of Alfalfa Seed Crops


Bean production in Idaho (Current) Steveland: a new feed barley Idachief and Idagem :two new snap beans resistant to curly top and mosaic Shopping sense: what is it? Tegmar: dwarf intermediate wheatgrass Your food and what it means to you The cow-calf enterprise: its place on Gooding County farms The sagebrush region in Idaho: a problem in range resource management Idaho potato insect handbook Adjustment opportunities for human resources in Kootenai County, Idaho Prepared and precooked foods for the freezer High-level grain feeding for dairy cows in Idaho Applying nitrogen through continuously moving sprinkler systems Alfalfa pollinators Fertilizing Sweet Corn for Seed Production Austrian Winter Peas Planting Dates and Rates Managing Moderately Saline (Salty) Irrigation Water


Distribution and life history of Bathyplectes curculionis (Thomson) (Ichneumonidae:  Hymenoptera) in Northern Idaho (078, Research Bulletin, 1970; ) Storage losses of irradiated vs CIPC treated Russet Burbank potatoes Sources of information for young entomologists Why is my evergreen brown? Economics of sugarbeet production in Idaho Economic values of irrigation water in four areas along the Snake River in Idaho Storage facilities and marketing costs for wheat in southern Idaho Aggregate wheat and barley production in Idaho, 1970 Consumptive irrigation requirements for crops in Idaho Oat varieties for southern Idaho Lights and water traps for alfalfa leafcutter bee incubators Rear those extra lambs Row planting for alfalfa seed production Insects of lawn and ornamentals and their control 1970 cattle flies and lice controls for Idaho dairymen Insect control for home garden fruits 1969 strawberry variety trials Barley varieties for Idaho: descriptions and comparisons based on obersavations at Aberdeen, Twin Falls, Tetonia and Soda Springs Nitrogen boosts wheat protein and wheat profits Fly control for poultrymen Zinc fertilizers for beans in southern Idaho How to buy and launder durable press with soil release Landscape your home grounds Bonded fabrics: pros and cons Milk fever in Idaho dairy herds Sainfoin: forage and seed production in northern Idaho Thumbnail cracks in potatoes: what causes them, how to reduce them How to sew with knit fabrics Seeding burned-over lands in northern Idaho Your Christmans tree Textile label language For the home gardener: ideal storage for bulbs and tubers Herbicides (How Poisonous Are They?)


Effects of plant nutrients on yield and quality of tomatoes in Southwestern Idaho (081, Research Bulletin, 1971) Relationship of initial wool fineness, medullation, and variability to qualtiy of the mature fleece (079, Research Bulletin, 1971) Life history studies on a Willow Leaf Beetle Altica bimarginta say in North Idaho (Coleoptera:  Chrysomelidae) (080, Research Bulletin, 1971) Level of energy intake and efficiency of energy utilization by steers (082, Research Bulletin, 1971) Net energy requirements and energy values of feeds for growing lambs (083, Research Bulletin, 1971) Springfield wheat: a short-strawed soft white spring wheat for irrigated areas of Idaho Caribou barley: an early-maturing, two-rowed, spring feed barley for dryland Supplementing corn silage for dairy cattle Corrals for working and handling beef cattle Soil fumigation: how and why it works Soil fumigation: how and why it works Sprouted wheat: its nutritive value for beef, swine, and poultry Food, hands and bacteria Harvesting, handling, and storing Yellow Sweet Spanish onions Idaho cattle feeders: how well can they compete? Marketing Northwest potatoes Ergot: a loser for grain growers and livestock owners Producing maximum yields of irrigated alfalfa hay Perennial ornamental plants: how to tell if they are sick and what to do about it Children's shoes The baby pig: managing and feeding for its survival Be an "aware" shopper: draperies and curtains Sugar beets: the effects of micronutrients on yield and quality in southwestern Idaho Yard and garden weed control Potato seedpiece size: key to maximizing yield and profit Cercospora leaf spot of sugar beets Tomato variety trials for northern Idaho Painting room walls Cereals: the 3-C's of perennial weed control:  chemicals-cultivation-crop rotation Nitrogen fertilizer requirements of irrigated wheat in Idaho Row cultivated crops: the 3-C's of perennial weed control:  chemicals-cultivation-crop rotation Forage crops: the 3-C's of perennial weed control:  chemicals-cultivation-crop rotation Phosphates and detergents in water pollution Soil sampling 1971 cattle flies and lice controls for Idaho dairymen Insect enemies of the alfalfa leafcutter bee and their control Sulfur fertilizer improves yield and quality of soft white winter wheat What is a Council of Governments? Diseases causing infertility and abortion in cattle Calf scours research Hard red winter wheat: the effects of seeding date and nitrogen fertilization on yield and quality Food additives Landscape your home grounds Weed Control in the Corn Crops of Southwestern Idaho Double Cropping Dry Peas and Forage in Southern idaho


Gain factors for four systems of measuring energy requirements of ram and ewe lambs (084, Research Bulletin, 1972) Establishment and production of grasses under semiarid conditions in the intermountain west PSE: a pork problem Toxicity of insecticides to insect pollinators Reseeding semiarid rangeland Control soil crusting with phosphoric acid Manage corn silage for maximum value Milking management An Aid for Determining Stage of Potato Plant Growth


Substituting dried whey for dried skim milk in dairy cattle milk replacers Storage studies on sugar beets in Southeastern Idaho Raising alfalfa leafcutter bees in Idaho Agriculture: Idaho's economic cornerstone Lamb and wool production from purebred and crossbred ewes Performance studies with Suffolk sheep Economic aspects of the Idaho dairy industry PSS: Porcine Stress Syndrome 1973 cattle flies and lice controls for Idaho dairymen Peak 72: hard red spring wheat for irrigated areas of Idaho Bannock wheat: hard red spring wheat for dryland areas of southern Idaho Ranger and Franklin: dwarf smut-resistant winter wheats for southern Idaho Dodder control in alfalfa seed fields Poultry pests and fly control Facts about today's beef steer Managing beef cattle on improved irrigated pastures 1973 controls for alfalfa weevil Seedpiece size: key to maximum potato yield and profit Fenn Austrian winter pea Better potato stands FDA regulations will reduce livestock industry's use of feed-additive drugs Potato cropping rotations on coarse-textured soils in southeastern Idaho Anaplasmosis of cattle Fumigating medium-textured soils in southeastern Idaho to control early dying of potatoes Center-Pivot Sprinkler Systems


Potato weight losses, quality changes and cost relationships during storage Creativity and children How to make covers that fit upholstered furniture Carcass characteristics of lambs of different breeding and sex Marketing alfalfa hay in Idaho Growing degree day systems for Idaho Value of agricultural production in Idaho Spring wheat varieties for southern Idaho Using water and supplemental nutrition for stressed cattle Oat varieties for Idaho Barley varieties for southern Idaho Vegetable varieties for home gardens in Idaho's cooler areas Vegetable varieties for Idaho gardens Freezing fruits & vegetables Home canning fruits & vegetables Fly and lice control for Idaho dairies, 1974 Wheat straw management and nitrogen fertilizer requirements Tow line sprinkler systems Developmental stages of the common bean plant: a description Peachleaf curl Garden vegetable insect control Coryneum blight of ornamental and fruit-bearing stone fruit trees 1974 Idaho insect control recommendations for alfalfa seed production Vines for landscaping Cattle vaccines: which to use? Diseases of cattle at the time of calving and breeding Available water-holding capabilities of soils in southern Idaho Winter wheat varieties for southern Idaho Leaf scorch of broad-leaf shade trees Control of early blight of potato in eastern and southeastern Idaho Dwarf bunt of winter wheat Tissue analysis: a guide to nitrogen fertilization of Idaho russet burbank potatoes Fire blight: a bacterial disease of apple, pear and certain ornamentals Used furniture can be a good buy Artificial insemination of dairy cattle Nutrition and weak calf syndrome in beef cattle Dry cow management Complain! Complain! Complain! Boost profits by breeding ewe lambs Sewing fashion fabrics Refinishing wood furniture University of Idaho swine testing program Predation and disease: Idaho range sheep death losses Finishes on fabrics Hydroponic culture of plants Potato marketing: processor contracts


Drying and humidification of hops The changing economic characteristics of Idaho's agriculture The Epidemiology and control of halo blight in Idaho The small poultry flock for meat, eggs, youth projects Drying fruits and vegetables at home Row cropping sandy soils under sprinklers using a winter grain cover to control wind erosion Feedlot and carcass characteristics of bulls vs. steers for beef production Great Northern UI-61: a white Great Northern bean resistant to curly top and common bean mosaic viruses The interstate movement of beef and beef products Economic feasibility of grape production in Idaho Idaho forage crop handbook Consumer concern clothing fires The new look in labels Fiber facts Idaho fertilizer guide: potatoes Potato insect control Potato ring rot In Boundary County manganese improves oat yields Adjust potato harvester speed to reduce bruising Fertilizer tips for gardeners Early tomatoes Producing small grains under irrigation in southern Idaho Controlling insect pests of home-stored foods Dwarf fruit trees for the home orchard Idaho fertilizer guide: malting barley Idaho fertilizer guide: sugar beets Fly and louse control for Idaho dairies, 1975 Solid set sprinkler systems How to use methyl bromide Idaho commercial onion insect, disease and weed control programs Cropping and fertilizing wheat and barley in the Camas Prairie, Fairfield area Strawberry diseases and their control in Idaho Malting barley production in Idaho Bitter pit of apples Horn fly control on range and pastures Soil sterilization methods for the home gardener Common joint diseases of horses Navicular disease in horses Practical horse psychology Functional anatomy of the horse foot Splints in horses Preventing seed decay, damping off, root rots in vegetable and flower gardens Powdery mildews of ornamentals Control weeds in potatoes with herbicides Soybeans in Idaho Root rots of sugar beets Potato storage: construction and management Preventing condensation on the ceiling of potato storages Cost of producing sugarbeets Cercospora leaf spot of sugar beets The western bean cutworm on beans and corn Vaccination of poultry Common diseases of poultry in Idaho High quality eggs: producer to consumer Horse worms and their treatment Swine nutrition Help in handling potato vines Sow management at farrowing Treating anaplasmosis in cattle Insect control on farm stored wheat Recycle your wardrobe Strawberry Growing in Idaho


Stain removal chart for washable clothing Oil and gas leasing of Idaho farm and ranch land Costs and returns for cattle ranches in Custer County, Idaho Private land use, ownership and prices in the Priest River Corridor Water measurement The economic effects of population changes in rural small communities :a short course for community leaders Idaho fertilizer guide: onions How to transplant trees and shrubs Juniper twig blight Fairy rings in lawns Winter injury or winter drought of evergreens in Idaho Leaf and needle drop of evergreen: a normal phenomenon Wireworms: estimating the infestation and damage they do Equine infectious anemia (EIA) Early lamb management for Idaho farm flocks: an early lamb management guideline N-Serve and its potential use in northern Idaho Ornamental hedges for Idaho Fungus diseases affecting the leaves and canes of raspberries in Idaho Alfalfa varieties: their characteristics and adaptability to Idaho conditions Modifications to potato harvesting and handling equipment that can reduce bruising Home slaughtering and processing of beef Home slaughtering and processing of pork Injuries and diseases of dairy cattle at the time of calving and breeding Reducing vert and increasing yield of potatoes in the Treasure Valley Injuries and diseases of beef cattle at the time of calving and breeding Current dry bean varieties: their origin and characteristics Calculating costs for custom haying operations Bean production: estimated cost per acre for southcentral Idaho Diseases of raspberries in Idaho Prevent baby lamb starvation Crumbly fruit in raspberries Lawn pest control Raeder wheat Ram selection for flock improvement Using employment changes in rural development planning Ram maintenance and breeding Buying and selling alfalfa hay, corn silage, barley Potato storage management Equal credit opportunity act ; Fair credit billing act Consumers and credit Chlamydial abortion of sheep and goats Do you have a goat? Pine needle abortion disease in cattle Acute pulmonary emphysema: cow asthma Credit or cash: advantages and disadvantages of buying on credit Irrigating alfalfa for seed production on deep soils Spread of halo blight with sprinkler irrigation in Idaho bean seed production fields Using the soil test report form Protein in perspective Don't overpay the bill!! Quality of Irrigation and Drainage Waters in the Boise Valley


Core testing grease wool The effect of planting date, seed spacing, nitrogen rate and harvest date on yield and quality of potatoes in southwestern Idaho The effect of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients on yield, grade and storage of onion bulbs in southwestern Idaho Farm incorporation: an advantage for you? Estimating sustainable predation losses on Idaho range sheep operations Fiscal impacts of public programs on two types of rural residents in Boundary County, Idaho Storing food in your home Dyers woad: search and destroy Perennial weed control in cultivated crops Feeding dairy goats Leafy spurge UI 76: a small white navy bean developed in Idaho Accident prevention training for employees: good management Bacillary hemoglobinuria (Red water disease) in cattle Feeding the dairy heifer Know and control spotted and diffuse knapweed Timing corn earworm control Managing irrigation and nitrogen for Moravian barley in southern Idaho An electronic liquid level control device for feeding orphan lambs Tomatoes for southeastern Idaho Herbicides through sprinklers Downy brome (cheatgrass) control in a dryland winter wheat-fallow rotation Idaho fertilizer guide: irrigated field corn for silage or grain Idaho fertilizer guide: irrigated wheat and barley Bluegrass billbug in Idaho lawns Idaho fertilizer guide: irrigated alfalfa Idaho fertilizer guide: sweet corn for seed and processing Idaho fertilizer guide: beans Unit pricing Insects of ornamentals and their control Rhizoctonia disease of potato and its control Alternative crops for northern Idaho Leptospirosis of cattle Fertilizer use in Idaho: too much or too little? External parasites of swine: hog lice Swine herd health management during gestation and farrowing Mycoplasmal (enzootic) pneumonia of swine MMA (mastitis-metritis-agalactia) syndrome in swine Atrophic rhinitis disease of pigs Internal parasites of swine External parasites of swine: hog mange Idaho fertilizer guide: irrigated pastures, southern Idaho Livestock feed management for Idaho's drought Drought planning for livestock and dairy producers Why milk tests vary Oat varieties for Idaho Enteric diseases of swine: transmissible gastroenteritis Enteric diseases of swine: swine dysentery The green peach aphid: Myzus persicae Enteric diseases of swine: colibacillosis & edema disease What are you worth? How often do you need to irrigate orchards? Effective personnel leadership Fitting, grooming and feeding for show Idaho sheep production testing program Preparing onions for harvest and storage Solid waste disposal in rural Idaho Winter wheat varieties Rejuvenating old pastures Sugarbeet injury: a significant factor in loss of sucrose Animal diseases caused by moldy hay and feed Guidelines for farm leases Income tax options for drought sales of livestock Spiders Idaho range lambs: early weaning and drylot feeding Erosion control: an issue in American farm policy Ewe management: early-weaned range lambs Feeding Water stress and sweet corn seed production A look at Idaho farm income Insect, Disease, Weed Control for Idaho Commericial Onions Hydraulic Conductivity and Moisture Retention Characteristics of Southern Idaho's Silt Loam Soils


The movement of cattle and calves within Idaho The economic impact of the Idaho beef industry Multiple use management on the public lands: a study of the Morgan Creek area of central Idaho Dry pea and lentil production in the Pacific Northwest The home vegetable garden Land tenure and leasing in Idaho agriculture: economic and legal considerations An economic history of Idaho agriculture, 1950-1977 Economics of on-farm methods of controlling sediment loss from surface-irrigated fields Economic impact of farm size alternatives on rural communities Common scab of potato The precision sprayer: how to build it Raising dairy beef calves: feeds and feeding Handling potato waste for beef cattle feeding Wireworms in potatoes New developments in sewage treatment requirements for small communities Home garden vegetables for freezing or canning Selecting slow cookers Idaho soil mix for container-grown plants Pegram project: beef herd health program Safflower: a potential crop for northern Idaho Idaho fertilizer guide: spring and winter wheat on eastern Idaho dryland Special cleaning preparations and methods Window warmers Why planning? Yellow starthistle: a threat to Idaho land users North Idaho fertilizer guide: alfalfa North Idaho fertilizer guide: peas and lentils Buying and selling high-moisture grain Growing tomatoes in cool summer areas Potential sunflower production in Idaho Marketing Idaho sugarbeets Guide to standards of quality in clothing construction Property taxes: how do they work? Measuring costs and benefits of public services in growing communities Baby food from your kitchen Smoke and heat detectors Your food and what it means to you Onions, leeks, shallots, chives and garlic for home gardens Idaho sales tax General revenue sharing North Idaho fertilizer guide: wheat Potato varieties for Idaho County revenue services Special districts First aid for pesticide poisoning Prevent insecticide poisoning of pollinators Peas and Lentils : North Idaho Fertilizer Guide Freezing temperatures and Growing Seasons in Idaho


Improving dryland wheat production in eastern Idaho with tillage and cropping methods Cooking for one in the senior years. Perceptions of social services in Idaho Priorities for recreation among natural resource uses in Idaho The changing role of Idaho agriculture, 1947-1974 History and biology of the western bean cutworm in southern Idaho, 1942-1977 Colorado potato beetle control White spots, deep tillage and water infiltration of the Portneuf and related silt loam soils Tissue analyses for nitrogen fertilization of irrigated soft white winter wheat Buying health insurance How to avoid wool contamination Farm size and the future of rural communities Organizing family records and business papers Family financial checklist of important papers Rush skeletonweed Nutrient use by potato vines and tubers How to graft lambs Wood as a fuel: firewood selection Pea weevil and its control The chisel-planter: a minimum tillage system for winter wheat Five-point program: soil erosion control under dryland crop production Assessing growth impacts: are you asking the right questions? Translucent-end of potatoes Selection and care of fake fur Sewing fake furs Tips for buying cookware Credit cards Know your cookware Melrose Austrian winter pea A feed-planning guide for wintering beef cattle Management in reducing newborn calf disease A feed-pricing guide for wintering beef cattle Sudden death in weaner calves TEM in weaner calves Foot rot and foot abscess in sheep and goats Vaccines and their use Farm property: its ownership and control IBR vaccines and vaccination programs Bovine virus diarrhea (BVD) vaccines Vibriosis in sheep Sharing public service development costs using average or marginal pricing systems Wonder products in agriculture Wood as a fuel: the beauty of warming with wood Fertilization of seedings on range and disturbed lands Cattle grubs and their control Sugarbeet production costs and practices in southcentral Idaho, 1978 Control of biting flies attacking cattle Ticks on livestock Financing public education: Idaho's School Foundation Program in 1979


The effect of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients on yield and quality of onion seed in southwestern Idaho [Reprint] Ornamental evergreens A leader's role in community change The role of the Columbia /Snake navigation system in intermodal ocean transportation Temperatures of southern Idaho agricultural soils Australian and United States Wheat Marketing Systems: A comparison Handling the calf at branding time Maintaining stored grain quality Wood as a fuel: installation of wood stoves in fireplaces Water stress and sweet corn seed production Five-Point Program: restricted summer fallow for soil erosion control under dryland crop production Five-Point Program: minimum tillage for soil erosion control under dryland crop production Enterotoxemia of suckling lambs Flax, mustard, spring rape: alternative crops for Idaho's cooler region? Spring-planted Austrian winter peas How to plant seedling trees for Idaho's farms and forests Raising leafcutting bees: tips for small producers Federal government participation in rangeland grasshopper control Flowering crabs for Idaho gardens The export market for U.S. wheat Propagating ornamental trees and shrubs An automatic boom control for potato harvesters A new insect pest of corn in Idaho: the western corn rootworm Food additives in the 80's Dry beans: a convenience-type food Lice on beef cattle Aeration for grain storage Setting a price for alfalfa feeds Wild oat: identification and biology Wild oat: competition and crop loss Common crupina Save money with storm doors and windows Some common aphids infesting Idaho field crops Weather stripping and caulking Financing home weatherization Vapor barriers and ventilation Weatherizing your mobile home. Cut fuel costs with landscaping Maintaining heating and cooling equipment Cutting heating and cooling costs. Determining insulation needs Installing wall insulation. Installing ceiling insulation Insulating floors and basements Why weatherize your home? Selecting insulation Homesiting for fuel saving Snacks: chance or choice Soil erosion: how much? Vegetable Oil as an Agricultural Fuel for the Pacific Northwest


Vegetable oil as an agricultural fuel for the Pacific Northwest Making sausages at home Safe chain saw operation. Soil survey of the University of Idaho Sandpoint Research and Extension Center Cost of public service: Education Residential growth: its benefits and costs to the local community Cost of public service: fire protection Triticale, a potential crop for the Pacific Northwest: an economic study Cost of public service: police protection Cost of public service: sewage collection and treatment Cost of public service: sheriff protection Cost of public service: solid waste disposal Health care in rural Idaho: economics of nurse practitioner clinics : a planning model Chalkbrood: a serious disease in the alfalfa leafcutting bee and what we can do about it Caring for your pressure canner Round tablecloths Controlling face flies on beef cattle The Pacific flatheaded borer Control of scabies on cattle Public investment in wheat research: economic impact in the western region Buying a low energy irrigation system Preconditioning of calves Red Mexican beans, NW 59 and NW 63: two new small red bean cultivars resistant to curly top and common bean mosaic viruses Pinto beans NW 410, NW 590 and Olathe: three new pinto cultivars resistant to curly top and common bean mosaic viruses Controlling external pests on goats Investment costs for center pivot systems Verticillium wilt of potato in southwestern Idaho Nozzle management and leak prevention for sprinkler irrigators On-farm pesticide storage Chickpeas: a potential new pulse crop for northern Idaho Safflower production in northern Idaho: varieties, nitrogen fertilization and herbicides Investment costs for sprinkler systems Investment costs for gravity irrigation systems Sunflower: a potential alternate crop for the cooler regions of Idaho Stretch terry and velour Corduroy Selecting turfgrasses for Idaho lawns Wild oat cultural control Rush skeletonweed: biology and control in the Pacific Northwest Furrow erosion and topsoil losses Interfacing: selection and use Hair canvas interfacing Idaho enterprise budget generator Fusible interfacing Underlining a tailored garment The tailored shoulder Bound buttonholes Shoulder pad construction Lining selection and cutting Lining a tailored garment Topstitching Interlining Machine buttonholes and buttons Insect control for apples and pears in the home garden Firewood economics Fetal alcohol syndrome Insect control on stone fruits Controlling condensation in weatherized houses Boron in Idaho Specific gravity of potatoes Effective personnel leadership Recruiting and retaining good personnel Problem employees Management succession Estimating marginal capital costs of municipal service expansion Financial records in municipal budgeting Changing revenue sources for Idaho cities Zinc in Idaho Sheep management: prelambing Sheep management: lambing time Sheep management: postlambing Milking equipment design, operation and maintenance Milking procedures to maximize production Milk quality reports Cleaning and sanitizing milking equipment Mastitis and somatic cells in milk Heritability, mastitis incidence and milk production Preventing milk adulteration and contamination Insects and mites destructive to berries Implications of acidification of farmland in northern Idaho The apple maggot: a potential new apple pest in Idaho Safe wood stove operation


Cost of public service: water supply Root-knot nematodes in agricultural waste Producing maximum alfalfa hay yields and quality under irrigation Garbanzo beans: a potential new pulse crop for Idaho Fertilizing shade and ornamental trees When to harvest garden vegetables [Older Version] Wire fencing for controlling jackrabbit damage The economic structure of Blaine County, Idaho, 1979 Oilseeds for the Pacific Northwest: economic considerations Northwest export shipping of potato products: hinterland delineation and growth potential Reducing soil losses with filter strips Diameter limit cutting: a questionable practice Poison hemlock: a threat to man and livestock Costs of producing hydroponic greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers Alfalfa variety performance and use in Idaho Scheduling nitrogen applications for Russet Burbank potatoes Spring wheat varieties for northern Idaho Five-point program: divided slope farming for soil erosion control under dryland crop production Ida gold: a new ultra early tomato cultivar A milk marketing order for southwest Idaho Fumigation of farm-stored grain Chemical fallow weed control Short season sweet corn trials Hints on pesticide use for home gardners Peppermint Austrian winter peas: a green manure crop for Idaho Growing cole crops Orchards Growing sweet corn Management planning for the woodland owner Tomatoes for the home garden


How to prune deciduous trees How to prune deciduous trees Analyzing a forest resource-based region facing economic change A microcomputer for the farm family? Nurse practitioners: an alternative for rural primary care Costs of producing fed cattle in Idaho The blackleg-soft rot disease complex in potatoes Railroad transportation issues affecting Idaho wheat Copper in Idaho: essential plant and animal micronutrients Wild proso millet: identification and control Yields of four spring wheat varieties in conventional, minimum and no-till systems Reducing soil losses by sediment retention Purple blotch Tentiform leafminer: a new Idaho pest Identification of farm equipment and machinery Electronic marketing: what, how and why Importance of quality and size of winter pea seed Selected best management practices in southeastern Idaho Construction suggestions for farm buildings Countertrade: is it the answer for agricultural exporters?


Should you invest in grain storage aeration? Quilted fabrics Selection and Implementation Of a Farm Records System The effect of the wild and scenic rivers plan on alternative resources uses: middle fork of the Clearwater River Winter Rape Production Practices in Northern Idaho The black-tailed jackrabbit in Idaho: life history, population dynamics and control Power clusters: how public policy originates The demand for and value of outdoor recreation in the Targhee National Forest, Idaho Employment adjustments and the economic costs of decline in a small rural community: a case study in Kellogg, Idaho Growing squash and pumpkin Cytospora canker disease in Idaho orchards Selecting an accounting system: a checklist Apple-and-thorn skeletonizer The mixed wheat grade: what it means and how to avoid it Thatch in lawns The impact of agricultural research Selecting children's shoes Transplanting native seedlings Beating the freeze All about silk: caring for silk Joseph and Nezpurs Idaho fescue: forage grasses for the Intermountain-Northwest Let color work for you Foot rot control in winter wheat using tillage, rotation, variety, fungicide and nitrogen variables Tissue analysis: a guide to nitrogen fertilization for Russet Burbank potatoes All about silk: sewing silk All about silk: silk fabrics High moisture earcorn Sergers Glacier winter peas All about silk: a silk dictionary Two-way stretch fabrics


Winter pea / winter cereal mixtures as potential forage crops in northern Idaho Cooperative extension in northern Idaho :who uses our services? : results of a four-county survey An evaluation of best management practices on dryland farms in the lower portion of the Upper Snake River Basin of southeastern Idaho :Bannock, Power, Oneida and Cassia counties Implications of volunteerism in Idaho :national and Idaho state projections Adoption of new marketing methods by Idaho grain producers How to prune coniferous evergreen trees The present and future role of cooperative extension in Idaho The Idaho dairy industry: an economic overview Controlling yellow starthistle: economic considerations Agricultural and food policy issues: Idaho producer's views The financial condition of Idaho farmers: signs of stress in 1985 The potato model: a physiological simulation computer model Sycamore blight Potato vine killing Furrow erosion reduces crop yields Feed barley Fertilizer placement A buried drain erosion and sediment loss control system The effects of phosphorus rates on legumes grown on a volcanic ash soil in northern Idaho Serger construction methods Serger principles Weed seed contamination of cereal grain seedlots: a drillbox survey Pruning landscape trees and shrubs Fiscal impacts of large developments on small communities Facts about fabric flammability


Idaho swine nutrition guide Marketing Idaho's dry edible beans Transporting and marketing Idaho's wheats and barleys The present and future role of teaching and research in the College of Agriculture The economic impacts of best management practices on the Camas Prairie, Idaho Sunflowers for silage in Idaho Native plants from northern Idaho An evaluation of best management practices on dryland farms in the Upper Snake River Basin of southeastern Idaho :Fremont, Madison, Teton, Bonneville, Caribou and Franklin counties Agricultural export issues in the post seventies 4-H in Idaho: why kids belong Idaho's agriculture: a changing industry Fabric finishes An international market profile: rapeseed Spray equipment and calibration The financial condition of Idaho farmers: deterioration in 1986 Decorative serging Insect control recommendations for producing clover seed in Idaho Insect control recommendations for mint production in Idaho Farm crisis: personal and family stress Why home fruit trees die Slug control for homeowners Economic considerations in changing to Grade A milk production Clothing selection for pesticide application The English grain aphid on wheat: development and control Laundering pesticide contaminated clothing Production of buckwheat in northern Idaho Scab of wheat and barley Cabbage seedpod weevil control in winter rapeseed Black chaff of wheat and barley Winter rapeseed Liming materials Data bases in agricultural applications Grapes belong in your backyard Budgeting: a management tool Roses: types, selection and environmental requirements for Idaho gardens


Soil survey, University of Idaho Research and Extension Center and USDA Snake River Conservation Research Center, Kimberly, Idaho Canada thistle biology and control Transporting and marketing Idaho's dry edible peas and lentils Star white clover Granny carts used by commercial sheep producers in Idaho Milk hauling costs in Idaho Dry pea, lentil and chickpea production in northern Idaho Slow sand filters for the control of giardiasis in private water supplies Menswear Fairy rings in turf Forward planning: using outlook information Priming seed for improved vigor Home economics clientele use of recommended practices for improving the well-being of home and family Economic feasibility studies for agribusiness firms Diseases of raspberries in Idaho Calibration of lawn and garden pesticide and fertilizer applications for homeowners Alene Kentucky bluegrass Roses: buying and planting Roses: care after planting Fitting the shoe to the foot, to the occasion Collection and redistribution of biological control agents of St. Johnswort Growing melons Growing vegetable seedlings for transplanting Bridger and Cascade winter rapeseed varieties Dairy product quality: cheddar cheese Selenium deficiency in dairy cattle: diagnosis and prevention Growing asparagus Serging lingerie Considering the export market? The mint stem borer in Idaho Rural America: people and comunities left behind - again Farm management: risk and uncertainty Malting barley The relationship of soil pH and crop yields in northern Idaho Fusarium root rot of orchard trees Collecting and storing seeds from your garden Disposal of cull and waste potatoes Blueberries, raspberries and strawberries


Late-planted annual summer forages Collection and redistribution of biological control agents of diffuse and spotted knapweed Spring wheat varieties for Idaho Agricultural producers' use of recommended practices in the farm or ranch operation :base data for planning extension agriculture programs, 1988-91 Varietal performances of forage crops in northern Idaho Sulfur-coated urea as a slow release nitrogen source for onions Spring rapeseed culture in Idaho Multiple peril crop insurance: a risk management tool Idaho population growth and migration: 1980-86 and 1950-86 Fertilizer questions Russian wheat aphid Aphids infesting Idaho small grain and corn Production, processing and marketing potential for rapeseed in the Pacific Northwest Grass seedings for conservation programs Rapeseed production districts in Idaho Strawberry culture in northern Idaho Red raspberry culture guide for northern Idaho Madsen and Hyak soft white winter wheats Conservation tillage for control of soil loss by water erosion under dryland crop production Chickpeas Wheat straw management and nitrogen fertilizer requirements Irrigated alfalfa in southern Idaho The locust borer Irrigated spring wheat, southern Idaho Visual heat detection management in dairy cattle Using soft white wheat protein to our advantage Birdsfoot trefoil production in northern Idaho Seedborne diseases of cereals Insects and other pests in firewood Improvement of sugarbeet seedling emergence by seed priming Potato harvesting and handling operations for quality, efficiency and safety Mulches for the home landscape and garden Inoculation of legumes in Idaho


Use of practices recommended by extension :a study of the relationship between frequency of extension contact and use of recommended practices by farmers and ranchers Brown center and hollow heart in potatoes Federal grazing fees: the never-ending story State and federal regulations affecting confinement livestock operations Management and marketing practices and problems of Idaho beef cattle producers Cultural and chemical practices for commercial potato weed control Dairy waste management: system planning: estimating storage Guidelines for russet burbank nuclear seed potato production in Idaho A Guide to starting and developing community forestry programs :special reference to shade tree committees Controlling erosion and nonpoint source pollution in Idaho's Tom Beall Watershed The new U.S.-Japanese beef agreement: some implications for the U.S. beef industry Eradication manual for common crupina (Crupina vulgaris Cass.) Soil sampling Biological control of weeds in Idaho: bioagent release records Salt- and sodium-affected soils Assessing the potential for farm and ranch recreation Supervised occupational experience programs in vocational agriculture Herbicides for weed control in commercial potatoes Potato variety and advanced selection yield trials Irrigated spring wheat production guide for southern Idaho Integrated pest management for beef cattle on western ranges Adapting to change :Idaho communities at crossroads, preliminary results from a 1988 study Soil survey of the University of Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station and campus, Moscow, Idaho Bovine somatotropin and its economic implications Seed germination test methods for home use Forming a cooperative Factors affecting alfalfa hay quality Market developments in the beef industry: the stakes for producers and consumers The sugarbeet crown borer in Idaho Frost protection for the home gardener Fertilizing lawns in southern Idaho Management of neonatal beef calves: field tested ways to improve beef calf survival and growth Virus and nematode disease of raspberries Cow management at calving: field tested ways to improve beef calf survival and growth Legume and legume-grass pastures Controlling stored-food pests in the home Grass pastures 1987 sugarbeet production costs on Idaho and eastern Oregon farms


Yellow starthistle in North-Central Idaho: A survey of farmers' and ranchers' behavior and attitudes (1982 and 1988) Spring-planted pea and triticale production in Northern Idaho Enhancement of bean field emergence by seed moisturization Dryland winter rapeseed production guide Tansy ragwort biology and eradication The benefit of research to producers and consumers of western wheat Feedlot manure in agricultural production: Costs and application rates Field bindweed biology and management The benefits of investments in the University of Idaho College of Agriculture Research and Extension programs Insects of ornamental shrubs and trees The potato export market Grow your own sprouts Creeping bellflower Poison ivy and poison oak: biology, toxicity and management Dyers woad: biology, distribution and control Pesticide handling practices to protect groundwater Herbicide carryover to potatoes The potato rot nematode Cold hardiness in woody landscape plants: its role in winter survival and how to maximize it Blizzard hard red winter wheat Controlling sunscald on trees and vines Nitrate and groundwater Water testing Drinking water standards Alfalfa stem nematode Bacterial wetwood and slime flux of trees Cultural management of Gemchip potatoes Cultural management of Frontier russet potatoes Fertilizer primer: terminology, calculations and application Homeowner's guide to fruit tree fertilization Lyme disease Pesticides and their movement in soil and water Dairy producers' and processors' attitudes toward dairy policy and bovine somatotropin Leafy spurge: biology and management Long-term effects of lime on soil pH in some acidic soils of northern Idaho


Credit cards Interest rates and agriculture Herbicides for lawn weed control Spring freeze injury to Idaho cereals Bruise-free potatoes our goal Weed control in the home garden Economic and legal considerations for leasing cropland in Idaho Goal-directed management: Application to coordinated resources management planning Custom rates for Idaho agricultural operations -- 1990-91 The role of natural resource-based industries in Idaho's economy Using bark and sawdust for mulches, soil amendments and potting mixes The spotted alfalfa aphid in alfalfa grown for seed and forage in Idaho Seedling blight of sweet corn Success with very small seeds Common Crupina: biology, management and eradication The pea leaf weevil Pea weevil and its control Sequential decision cards: a tool for Russian wheat aphid control Ascochyta blight of chickpea Idaho's water resource Production of mustard in northern Idaho Weed control in lawns How much is this boar worth? An introduction to swine growth enhancers: porcine somatotropin and beta-agonists Winter protection for containerized nursery stock Household water: dos and don'ts Laundry problems and water quality Chalky spot damage to lentils Christmas tree marketing Herbicides for the home garden Pears in the home garden Dryland wheat production in southeastern Idaho and northern Utah Resource use under three tillage systems for winter wheat in northern Idaho Mosquitoes and what you can do about them Groundwater in Idaho Phosphorus nutrition of potatoes Feeding newborn lambs Corn smuts Phosphates in detergents Mandatory seed laws and other Idaho seed potato issues Sweet corn production for the small-market grower and home gardener


Market alternatives for Treasure Valley cull onions Analysis of a mandatory seed law for the Idaho potato industry Forecasting the demand for Idaho potatoes Idahoans' use of the Idaho Cooperative Extension System: Behavior, perceptions, and preferences (735, Bulletin, 1992) Idahoans' changing attitudes toward natural resources use, 1974 to 1989 Diagnosing herbicide drift and carryover injury in potatoes Providing Residential Care Services for the Elderly: A Home-based Business Handbook Berry Varieties for Idaho Insect Pest Management for the Home Vegetable Garden: A guide to Reducing Insecticide Use Marketing your produce directly to consumers Idaho Spring Barley Production Guide Specialty farming in Idaho: Is it for me? Specialty farming in Idaho: Selecting a site Gladiolus for the home garden Control of alfalfa hay insects in Idaho Northern Idaho lawns Forecasting Idaho potato acreage Corky ringspot of potatoes The demand for Idaho potatoes Wheat: it's nutritive value for cattle Creating a healthy farm lease Marketing nursery stock Improve pork quality: reduce PSE and other defects Cultural management of Ranger Russet potatoes Northern Idaho fertilizer guide: spring barley Northern Idaho fertilizer guide: spring wheat Fertilizing gardens Western corn rootworm Choosing nursery stock for landscaping, conservation and reforestation Potato nematodes and their control Packaging: buy smarter Waste not: the five Rs Waste not: reduce Waste not: reuse Managing grass clippings at home Strawberry production: overview Colter six row spring feed barley Blueberry production: overview Targhee two row spring feed barley Vandal hard red spring wheat Yellowjackets and their control Swine least cost rations for increasing efficiency and profitability Business ownership The role of integrated pest management Business and the family Licenses and legal requirements Pricing nontraditional products and services Raspberries: 1991 production costs in northern Idaho Cost accounting: a practical approach Diplodia tip blight on Ponderosa Pine Scotch pine Christmas trees: 1991 production costs in northern Idaho Understanding budgets and the budgeting process Grand fir Christmas trees: 1991 production costs in northern Idaho A primer on costs Publications and organizations for Christmas tree producers Special forest products Publications and organizations for nurseries, landscapers and groundskeepers Human lice and what to do about them Winter barley Honeysuckle witches' broom aphid Farm and ranch recreation Maintaining your customer base in the retail farm supply business Protect your animal fabrics from carpet beetles and clothes moths Raspberry production: overview Ornamental corn: Chinook and Wampum Blueberries: 1991 production costs in northern Idaho Best management practices for phosphorus management to protect surface water Garden peas Cascadia, OregonGiant, Oregon Trail and Oregon Pioneer: pea enation mosaic virus-resistant garden pea varieties UI 196 and Othello: two pinto bean cultivars for Idaho UI 686: an upright cranberry bean cultivar UI 722: a new dark red kidney bean cultivar A letter of last instruction: everybody needs one UI 906: a shorter season black bean UI 537: a new pink bean for Idaho The role of rural industry in Idaho's urban places Identify preserved shipment alternatives for marketing Pacific Northwest TCK-free wheat to China Potato seed management: seed certification and selection Control of early blight disease of potato UI 125 and UI 137: high yielding small white and navy beans for Idaho Small grain variety development and adaptation in Idaho Where to live after retirement Market opportunities: hybrid poplars


Grangeville Research and Extension Center: Nineteen Years, 1966-85 Export Guide For Idaho Fruits and Vegetables Economic Linkages of Rural Hospitals in the Pacific Northwest U.S. trout markets : a survey of wholesale and retail distributors of freshwater, farm-raised rainbow trout Economies of Size in Idaho County Governments Forecasting the demand for frozen potatoes The role of potatoes in Idaho's economy Integrated pest management guide to Colorado potato beetle Selling woodland timber: contract decisions California early light red kidney The alfalfa seed chalcid: an important alfalfa pest Nuisance ants UI 126 and UI 129 pinto bean cultivars Carpenter ants Verticillium wilt of potato Identifying domestic markets: indirect marketing of produce Publications and organizations for small fruit producers Marketing internationally Insect pests of spring-planted canola Water conservation in the landscape Specialty flowers: dry flower production Management of vegetable diseases in home gardens Cereal leaf beetle: a new pest in Idaho Marketing cooperatives: a new twist on an old idea Using and replacing hazardous household substances Planning your business Marketing your hogs in a lean value based program Swine enterprise records: a tool for pork producers Potato production in the home garden Integrated pest management guide for sugarbeet root maggot Subterranean termites Storing and treating emergency home water supplies Timing alfalfa harvest for high quality dairy hay Malcolm soft white winter wheat Domestic and export demand for frozen potatoes Eptam for weed control in potatoes Seasonal price index: soft white wheat


Rapeseed: an alternative crop for Idaho Soil ecological system: soil and the environment: a land judging handbook and training guide The role of the dairy industry in Idaho's economy Buying a computer for your farm or ranch Integrated pest management guide to wireworms in potatoes Global positioning systems: a guide for land managers and consultants Your income sources after retirement A to Z Retained Ownership Company U.S. trout aquaculture: a market overview Economic implications of sugarbeets in Idaho Forestland taxes in Idaho: a detailed look at property and income taxes for Idaho's forestland owners Restricted use pesticides registered in Idaho The role of the wheat industry in Idaho's economy Managing benzimidazole resistance in the potato dry rot fungus Sugarbeet harvesting efficiency Insect control for apples and pears in the home garden [Revised] Liming materials [Revised] Landscaping and utilities: problems, prevention, and plant selection Water treatment and conditioning systems for private water supplies Northern Idaho fertilizer guide: spring canola Why soften household water? Household cleaning products Macvicar soft white winter wheat Systematic approach for evaluating aquaculture feed and identifying feed related problems Your financial action plan for retirement Don't bag it: recycle your grass clippings Meridian hard red winter wheat Pesticides for the home garden and how to use them


Direct benefits and costs of conservation on a northern Idaho farm Agricultural and food policy issues: Idaho respondents' views in 1994 Idaho Conservation Reserve Program contract holder's preferences for the 1995 Food Security Act Genetic improvement of private woodland ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest A nutritional guide to feeding Pacific Northwest barley to ruminants A Private Landowner's Guide to Managing Black Bear Habitat A private landowner's guide to managing northwest bluebird habitat Economics of surface irrigation systems Fall pest problems of winter wheat : Russian wheat aphid, barley yellow dwarf, wheat streak mosaic Understanding commodity futures and options for grain marketing Hantavirus Yellow starthistle management for homeowners Christmas trees: is this crop for you? Nursery production: overview UI 228 and UI 239: new small red bean cultivars UI 911: an improved black bean for Idaho Potato seed myths Winter rapeseed: seeding rate and data guide Yellow starthistle management for small acreages Weed control methods for perennial crops Potato seed management: seed size and age Feeding young children Getting more vegetables and fruits in your diet Getting more whole grains in your diet Making recipes lower in fat


Forestry for Idaho: BMP Best Management Practices Collection and redistribution of biological control agents of rush skeletonweed Economic causes of non-point pollution in the Boise River Producing biodiesel from canola in the Inland Northwest: an economic feasibility study Livestock grazing & grasshoppers: an interregional perspective Economics of low-pressure sprinkler irrigation systems: center pivot & linear move Economics of sprinkler irrigation systems: handline, solid set, & wheelline Selecting and installing flowmeters for pressurized pipes High plains disease: a new disease attacking corn and other cereals in Idaho Controlling iron deficiency in Idaho plants UI 425 and UI 60 great northern bean cultivars Using Matrix in weed management systems for potatoes Chlorothalonil fungicide limits blight development on chickpeas Bill Z and Arapaho pinto bean cultivars Yellow starthistle management with herbicides Volunteer potato control Late blight of potato and tomato Predicting alfalfa hay quality in southern Idaho What to do when your income drops


EQUINE Industry in Idaho Potato irrigation management Chemigation equipment and calibration Sugarbeet cyst nematode: impact on sugarbeet production in Idaho and eastern Oregon The costs of yellow starthistle management Soil and the environment: a land and homesite evaluation handbook and training guide Budgeting value-added beef production for specialty markets Optimal performance from center pivot sprinkler systems Sampling procedure to diagnose nematode infestations Low input landscaping Irrigation systems for Idaho agriculture Commercial application of CIPC sprout inhibitor to storage potatoes Silver scurf of potatoes Succession planner: farm or business Barley thrips: biology and control Improving sprayer accuracy: simple methods for correct calibration Thatch prevention and control in home lawns Starting a home lawn Drinking water & recreational water quality: microbiological criteria Fertilizing landscape trees Karnal bunt Southern Idaho fertilizer guide: irrigated winter barley Southern Idaho fertilizer guide: onions Estate planning: an Idaho guide Composting at home Design and construction of earthen embankments for animal liquid-waste containment


Performance of forage and conservation grasses in northern Idaho Rapeseed and crambe as alternative crops in U.S. agriculture: can they compete? Evaluating the economic & environmental impacts of farming practices on the Palouse using PLANETOR Recent population trends in Idaho: 1990-1996 Performance of perennial forage legumes in northern Idaho Economic feasibility of growing high-density Fuji apples in southwestern Idaho Fresh-pack potatoes: handling, packaging and transportation in refrigerated railcars Alfalfa nematodes in Idaho Climates of Idaho Management of sugar beet nematodes


Agriculture in the Palouse: a portrait of diversity Yellow starthistle: biology and management in pasture and rangeland Irrigation management in the HUA Erosion control progress in the HUA Epidemiology and control of aphid transmitted potato viruses Growing strawberries in the Inland Northwest & Intermountain West Growing raspberries & blackberries in the Inland Northwest & Intermountain West Economic feasibility of growing Red Delicious apples in southwestern Idaho Public attitudes about water quality in the HUA Nutrient and pesticide management in the HUA How to prune deciduous landscape trees Public attitudes about water quality in the HUA Groundwater and wellhead protection in the HUA Nutrient and pesticide management in the HUA How to prune deciduous landscape trees Growing blueberries in the Inland Northwest & Intermountain West Growing western huckleberries Economic feasibility of growing Red Delicious apples in southwestern Idaho Living expenditures of family farms Sugar beet nematodes in Idaho and eastern Oregon Quackgrass control with Maverick & other herbicides in dryland wheat production systems in northern Idaho Tools to manage price risk in grain marketing


The economic and environmental impact of nematode research and extension program on the Idaho agricultural industry Growing apples for local markets in cold climates The use of chlorine dioxide in potato storage Irrigation uniformity The economic and environmental impact of nematode research and extension program on the Idaho agricultural industry Economics of yellow mustard in the Pacific Northwest The economic feasibility of growing Colorado spruce in northern Idaho Growing apples for local markets in cold climates Grand parents: raising our children's children Growing mushrooms commercially: risks and opportunities Small farm herb production: is it for you Essential plant and animal micronutrients: boron in Idaho Essential plant and animal micronutrients: molybdenum in Idaho Costs of community services: case studies in Bonneville, Canyon, Cassia and Kootenai counties


The benefits of public investments in Northwest potato breeding research Optimal utilization of animal manure on cropland Estimating water requirements for hard red spring wheat for final irrigations The contribution of the agribusiness industry to Idaho's economy Federal compensation to Idaho for public domain federal lands, 1988-99 Property rights: a primer Pit disposal of cull onions Nutrient management plans: who needs them and how to prepare your own


The economic feasibility of growing wine grapes in Idaho Spatial Variability Considerations in Interpreting Soil Moisture Measurements for Irrigation Scheduling Identifying the corn blotch leaf miner</