Collection Timeline

1880 to 2018


Ephraim Shay Ralph and Jane Strong


Samuel Lynd Elizabeth Tipton Lynd


Measurement Document Ida V. Bysegger


Webster's Mill Webster's Mill, Deep Creek; Swimming Hole - Fritz Brincken Place


The Strong Family in Idaho


W.W. Davis Edward S. Allen Bertha Clemina Allen Nirk Allen family portrait


Strong homestead Family Photo Burden Family


Augir Homestead


Roy F. Kislig Roy F. Kislig Strong Family Photo


F.C.A. Denkmann Isabel Starner Store John Matthew Nirk Family Loaded to Leave Edward and Adelaide Allen The Elmore Place before 1900 The Strong Homestead


Durell Irwin Nirk infant portrait Mountain Home School 1896


Jewell Nursery and Crane Shoe Companies


Strong Homestead


Winter Logging Haying and threshing crews Threshing crews at L.E. Gilmores Threshing grain in the field Harvest activities in the field Tilling fields at L.E. Gilmores Threshing at L.E. Gilmores Vern and Archie Clark pose with photographs Bysegger wood lot Charlie , Clara and Eddie Bysegger plowing with horse Byseggers with hay harvest Bysegger homestead clear cut Unkown individuals from turn of the century Lynd Deep Creek homestead with family Logging on the Katzenberger property W.I & M depot during construction Family at homestead Freeze Church Bysegger Threshing Crew Rohn children Willie Bysegger herding sheep Bysegger family Bysegger custom threshing crew Then and now picture of barn in northern Latah County Bysegger custom threshing crew Katzenberger homestead Elmore homestead Nirk Family portrait Bysegger home place Fred Bysegger family portrait


The Burden School


Certificate of Organization John B. Kehl Tuition and Board Invoice Andrew Lynd mini biography


Ponderosa Pine Skid Ponderosa Pine Skid Lumber, Land Investment, and Boiler Works Boom, Mills, Town site, and House Furnishing Companies Furniture, Timber, Lumber, John B. Rehl, and Merchandise P.L.C. at Palouse Rock Creek 'Upper' Dam Site Rock Creek Dam The Rock Creek Dam Cornwell Indenture Land Sold to Potlatch Lumber Company Wm. Deary Birthday and Potlatch Poem


Logging Camp in Canada Logging Camp Logging Camp Logging Camp Winter Logging Logging with Horses Early Shay Locomotive Model Flapper Drawing Bovill Map Weyerhaeuser & Co. Delivered Price List of Western Pine Lumber Wholesale Delivered Price List Lumber Company, Manufacturers, and Machinery Henry Turrish, State Bank, Lumber, and Weyerhaeuser Lumber Pine, Forest, Mills, and Railways Potlatch Lumber Company Letterheads Potlatch Lumber Company Letterheads 2 Surety, Tarrant, and Leather Belting Wholesale Delivered Price List and Terms Western Pine Price List Dry Kiln, Insurance, and Advertising Evart' Lumbering Tools Saws, Lumber Company, and Varnish Works 105 Train Cars of Logs Mr. Ogden Armour's Prize Winning Team Potlatch Mercantile Store First Fire Warden of Potlatch Timber Archie Newcomb and Horse Logging Bell Mill on Deep Creek Correction Sheet Frederick Weyehauser Portrait Palouse, Washington Potlatch Lumber Company Logo Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Codd Sawmill Yard Log Storage in Palouse Pioneer's Cabin Pioneer's Cabin Fire Temporary Buildings Early Potlatch Sawmill Foundation Power Plant Excavation Power Plant Excavation Sawmill Construction Horse Barn Construction Machinery Floor Plan Machinery Floor Plan Description Log Pond Excavation Log Pond Construction Building the Sawmill Alva Strong's First Sawmill Log Pond Excavation Dredge and Pile Driver Palouse Flour Mill Rock Creek 'Upper' Dam Construction Sawmill and Residents Deary Land Land Deed Preparing the Way Unknown Baby 2 Hauling Cut Ice Ice Blocks Ice Cutting Scene Potlatch Town-Site Potlatch Town-Site 2 Main Street First House Foundation Unknown Family 3 Unknown Family 4 Two Unknown Men Unknown Mother and Child Unknown Woman Unknown Woman 2 Unknown Man Three Unknown Women Unknown Baby Unknown Couple Mr. Larid with Fred and Mrs. McGowan at Palouse Mr. Larid with Mr. and Mrs. Mason McPherson Locomotive New Depot Loading Logs Rock Creek Dam WI&M Train Town View Early Days The Whitney Family Minnie Kelty Deed to parcel of land that Andrew Lynd purchased Robert W. McKown with his self-propelling combine Self-propelling combine on its side Harvesting near Garfield Edward ''Eddie'' Bysegger as an infant Edward ''Eddie'' Bysegger informal portrait as an infant Byseggers and Davis harvest crew Andrew and Mary Matilda Lynd Boise Meridian Map John and Durell Nirk felling timber (2) John and Durell Nirk felling timber Bell Mill Church Gathering at Park, ID Family Photo of Bingham Family Children in front of Elmore school


Old Ponderosa Pine Winter Scene Burden School Charles Rogers Log Pond New Potlatch Lumber Mill East Side Sawmill New Potlatch Lumber Mill Main Street Log Pond Spring Sawmill Summer Sawmill Westinghouse Generator Generator Description Twin City Corliss Engine Electric Motors Planing Mill Power House Planer and Shipping Dock Spring Sawmill First Day of Production Fred Campell and Mr. Morgon 52' Board Water Works Pumping Station Water Works Pumping Station Description Employees and Saw Southwest Sawmill Potlatch Sawmill East Sawmill West Sawmill New Potlatch Lumber Mill Plant, Shops, and other Buildings Plant, Shops, and other Buildings Description Sawmill Sawmill Construction Log Pond Log Pond Splash Full Log Pond Log Pond Description Log Pond and Employees Idaho White Pine Charles Weyerhaeuser and A.W. Laird Aledger Indenture Potlatch Brick Company Plant Interior Walkway Between Town and Plant Employee Housing Growing Potlatch, Idaho Potlatch, Idaho 1906 Potlatch, Idaho Landscape 1906 Boarding House #1 Boarding House #2 Potlatch Residence Road into Potlatch Growing Potlatch North of Potlatch Homes in Wilderness Potlatch State Bank Interior Time Table Document WI&M Shop Specification Document Kennedy Ford Grange Elmore School in 1906


Logging Train Longest Logging Train Longest Logging Train Train Wreck Longest Train Longest Logging Train Logging Train PLC Camp Camp 7 Waddell Place Load of Logs Logging Log Storage Horses For Sale Railway, Iron Works, and Forest Fire Association Palouse Flour Mill Land, Logging, Banks, Timber, Securities, and Improvement F. Weyerhaeuser, Lumber, and Fruitlands Lumber; Machines; and the Palouse Lumber Companies and Iron Works Missoula Lumber Company Deary and the Bells Potlatch Lumber Co. Introduction Potlatch Lumber Company Northeast Sawmill Northeast Plant Railroad Photo Collage Potlatch the Company Town Potlatch Lumber Company Potlatch Mercantile Co. Potlatch Mercantile Co. Grocery Two Men in an Office Potlatch Hotel Mr. Stokke Hardwar Dept. Manager Potlatch Mercantile Co. Sign Potlatch State Bank Potlatch Mercantile Co. Building Catholic Church Potlatch State Bank Deposit Slip Railway Map Time Table Document Private Rail Car WI&M Repair Shops Maintenance yards First Through Train WI&M Wreck WI&M Wreck Rohn Homestead near Walla Walla Andy Smith Family


Deary, Idaho Zimmerman Family Milwaukee Railroad Bed Camp 7 Bovill School Bill Decker Inspecting Loader Swimming Hole Camp 5 Grain, Railway, Lumber, and Manufacturing Potlatch, Idaho Northwest Plant Princeton Students Potlatch, Idaho Landscape1908 Unknown Family Unknown Family 2 Clausen Deep Creek Nirk, Zedeker, and Clausen Places John Nirk Place John Nirk Place Time Table Document Amos Grate and John Nirk Starner Home Homemade Steam Engine Blacksmith Shop Fritz and August Leistner on their homestead Men on Felled Log Fritz and August Leistner


Zimmerman Place Chamber of Commerce, Retail, Attorney, and Railways Lumber, Timber, Company, and Bank Lumber Manufacturers and Insurance Pine, Fuel & Ice, Forestry Bureau, Railway, and Iron Works American Hoist & Derrick Co. Labor Journal, Christian Association, Union Church, and Lumber Boiler Inspection, Lumber, Logging, and Mills Lumber and Pine Companies Lumberman Advertising, Plants, Machines, and Locomotives Iron and Steel, Logging, Timber Protection, and Town site Companies Water Power in Elk River Letter Water Power in Elk River Letter pg. 2 Water Power in Elk River Letter pg. 3 Japanese Trade Delegation Japanese Trade Delegation at Pond Green Lumber Chain Crew Mammoth Mill General Merchandise Statement General Merchandise Statement 2 Potlatch Mercantile Co. Interior 2 The Great Western Copper Company WI&M Railroad Car WI&M Railroad Car Specification Letter Specification Letter


Railroad Car WI&M Passenger Train WI&M Yards Ponderosa Pine Ponderosa Pine Log Drive Camp 1 Rail Camp Cars Camp 1 PLC Camp PLC Camp Camp Cookhouse Mess Car Mess Car Mess Hall Cook House Crew PLC Camp PLC Camp PLC Camp PLC Camp Potlatch Camp Camp 6 PLC Camp Potlatch Headquarters Summer Visitors PLC Camp PLC Camp Laying Track Steam Donkey Standard Logging Engines Standard Logging Engines North Idaho Fire Camp 11 Workers Logging Camp Camp 4 Camp 14 Camp 14 Crew Ike Miller House Lumber, Boxes, Shoes, and Iron Works Brick & Lime, Saw Tools, and Surety Bonds Wholesale Delivered Price List Inside Employees on the Pond White Pine Trees Steam Powered Log Machine Lumber Yard Shay Engine Employees in the Log Pond Tracks and Yard Men and Tents Caterpillar Logging Potlatch Three Men and a Tree Snowy Landscape White Pine Potlatch Lumber Company Donkey Engine Men in Front of a Building Sawmill and Lumber Yard The Star-Mirror Job Advertisement Elk River Mill Site Elk River Pond Pile Driving Crew Elk River Log Pond Driving Elk River's First House Morris Drug Idaho Fire Loss Heavy Elk River Mill Elk River, Idaho_2 Elk River, Idaho_6 Elk River Steam Shovel 1910 Flood 1910 Flood 1910 Green Chain Crew Palouse River Dam A.W. Laird Mark L. Seymour Sr. Old Employees and Weyerhaeuser Men No. 1 Rig Saw Description Workers Rock Creek Dam Wm. Deary Engine Room The 'Twin City' Engine Potlatch Mercantile Co. Grocery Dept. Potlatch Mercantile Co. Tobacco and Candy Dept. Potlatch Mercantile Co. Shoe Dept. Potlatch Mercantile Co. Window Display Potlatch Mercantile Co. Interior Warehouse of Goods Ice Cutting Pools 16' by 4' Slab Wood Frank Gibson M.D. Doctor Frank Gibson First School in Potlatch Employee Housing Years Later First Store Interior First Store Potlatch, Idaho Landscape 1910 Homes of Officials and Superintendents Layout More Homes of Officials and Superintendents Homes of Officials and Superintendents Old Flour Mill Dam Flooding Palouse River Broken Upper Dam Palouse River Flooding Area Blurry Man The Frank Peterson Homestead Passenger Train Locomotive Locomotive Company Document Locomotive Locomotive Locomotive Locomotive Time Table Document Railroad Car Locomotive WI&M Mixed Train Log Train Round House New Depot WI&M Tracks Palouse River Bridge WI&M No. 2 Bovill Depot WI&M Passenger Train Herman Voss Place Freeze Flat Link and Friends Hotel and Store Threshing Grain Hans Beplate and Victor Horse Show Men playing cards Bysegger Survey Crew Fred Bysegger Bysegger haying crew Threshing crew at harvest Haying at the Bysegger place Jess Hodge Family Photo Complete View of Potlatch, ID View of Princeton, ID Deary Idaho Hay Baler at Bysegger Place


Iva, George, and Della Mr. & Mrs. Sam Clark White Pine King White Pine King White Pine King White Pine King Lumber Jacks White Pine King Lumber Logging White Pine King White Pine King Elk River Sawmill Excursion to Elk River Elk River Mess Hall Elk River Mill_2 Elk River Mill Employees Elk River Mill_4 Elk River Mill Log Wash Elk River Mill_3 Elk River Sawmill Electricity Elk River Planer Elk River Sorting Shed and Electric Transfer Elk River Buildings Elk River, Idaho_3 Elk River, Idaho_4 Elk River Train Start Big Mill and Serious Blaze at Elk River Winter Forest Road Elk River Views Receive Approval Elk River Prospers Electric Green Lumber Transfer and Shed Sawmill Under Blanket of Snow Sawmill Deck Area The Planing Mill Electric Generating Equipment Electric Generating Equipment Description Elk River Operation Electric Donkey Number 2 Electric Donkey Number 1 Electrical Logging Operation Report Electric Road Engine Performance Report Weyerhaeuser Men Plant Supervisors Burner, Power House, Sawmill, and Tie Dock Potlatch Mill Sawmill Crew Large White Pine Electric Powered Saws Wells Fargo & Company Shipping Receipt Harvard, ID School House John Nirk Place John Nirk Place Time Table Document Drying lumber at the Potlatch Sawmill Postcard depicting the Potlatch Mill: 1911 John Nirk Place Mr. and Mrs. Sam Clark John Nirk homestead The original Nirk homestead Baseball Flyer for Potlatch vs. Farmington The John Nirk Place The John Nirk Place [2]


Elk River Mill Pond Fishing Lumber and Men Lumber from the White Pine King Product List P.H.S. Baseball Team 1912 Potlatch Town Baseball Team List of Properties for Sale Pink Nolan Barn and Family


WI&M Wreck Idaho White Pine Forests Idaho White Pines and Cedar Collins Area Wash Day Forests Forests Bovill Timber Forests School House Log Deck Forests Bovill Main Street Elk River Train Depot Snow Covered Elk River, Idaho Snow Covered Elk River, Idaho_2 Elk River C.M.P. Depot Elk River, Idaho_5 Elk River, Idaho Winter Scene Elk River Mill_5 Elk River, Idaho Icicles White Pines West of Collins Loggers in the Forest Sec. 9 39N, 2E Lumber at Elk River Elk River Mill and Elk Butte Elk River, Idaho_7 Green Chain at Elk River Elk River Sawmill Plant Elk River Mill_8 Planer Machines Jeffery Electric DC Battery Locomotive Lima Shay Locomotive Elk River Logging Operation Interior of Sawmill Sawmill Interior Power House # 2, Planer, and Shipping Dock Early Lumber Yard Stacks Mill and Town of Potlatch Sawmill View Main Distribution Track The Shipping Dock Livestock Sale Livestock Sale 2 Livestock Sale Crowd Potlatch Mercantile Co. Vehicle & Implement Dept. Best Tying Sheds in the West A. W. Laird Portrait Ruhl Wedding Party Ruhl Reception Picnic Wedding Carriage View of Potlatch looking north from Knob Hill Weyerhaeuser Private Train White Pine King on car in Potlatch, ID Interior view of the Potlatch Mercantile Company Selling force and delivery wagons of the Potlatch Mercantile Company Potlatch Mercantile Company Potlatch Mill 1913 New Avon


Bovill Main Street Elk River Fire Lumber Yard Scene Shipping Office Staff Potlatch School History Grade School, Union Church and High School School House Potlatch Grade School Potlatch Brick Plant Location Davis Farm looking towards the orchards. Roscoe Davis Goldie Clyde and her Sunday school class Nirk-Bysegger-Allen-Strong family photo Charlie and Rose Onaway Idaho 7/31/14


Old '21' Wreck Old '22' Logging PLC Log Train Logging Donkey crews Skidding Crew Potlatch Jammer Donkey Engine Potlatch Jammer Potlatch Jammer White Pine Log Cribbage Game Pre Chain Saw Days Old Growth Bovill Office Logging Camp Workers Fire Prevention Winter Hauling Blister Rust Crew Beales Butte Operations Beales Butte Operations Donkey Engine Logging Town Forest Logging Crew Loading Area Loading Area Deep Creek Group Photograph Camp No. 4 Potlatch Camp Center of Operations Cable Splice Rig Lumber Jacks Bovill Yards Greasing the Skids Lewis Mill Lewis Mill Crew Horses and Carriage Carriage Ride Bovill Clerk Bovill Hotel Horse Barn Horse-Drawn Sleigh Loading Station Camp 36 Cable Operation Chief and Timber Cruiser Iron and Steel Works Camp 4 Steel Gang' Railroad Camp Lawrences Logging Building a Railroad Bovill Main Street Logging Superintendent Logging Truck No. 105 Locomotive Logging Railroad Oregon Logging Famous 'Incline' Tramway Cable System Log Deck Log Deck Cable System White Pine Trees Logging Tool Display Tramway Cable System Cable System Logging Tractor Logging Equipment Log Building Logging Steamboat Logging Equipment Cable System Logging Equipment Logging Steamboat Logging with Horses Logging Operation Log Loading Crew Early Day Equipment Log Deck Elk River Home Elk River Trading Post Elk River School House Elk River Timber Elk River Timber_2 Elk River Camp 2 Elk River Camp 4 Elk River Camp 4 Kitchen Crew Elk River Upper Basin Operations Tom E. Hanley Railroad Conductor Elk Butte Lookout Tower Elk River Timber_3 Elk River Timber_4 Elk River Timber_5 Elk River Timber_7 Elk River Timber_6 Elk River Timber_8 Elk River Timber_9 Elk River Timber_10 Elk River Operation Upper Basin Elk River Camp and Log Landing Elk Creek Upper Basin Line Skidding Teams of Camp 14 Elk River Upper Basin Camp 15 Transformer Car and Electric Donkey Men Eating Lunch Near Elk River, Idaho Plant Flood Pond Log Slip Filing Room Roll Cases and Transfer Chains Planing Machines Allison W. Laird Loading Timbers Workers Lumber Cleaning Pond The Mill The Sawmill Oscar Swenson Wilber Cunningham and Albert Johnson Main Mill Erick Matson and Charlie Peterson Ludwig Swanson Airplane Wing Pine Sawmill Interior Around Edgers Lumber at the Sawmill White Pine Cant The Swede Track Snow Removal Yard Locomotives Planing Mill Interior Lumber Yard Stack Potlatch Lumber Company Sawmill Out Houses Snowy Lumber Yard Snow on Lumber Yard Tracks Log Train Lumber Monorail Potlatch Sawmill Dry Lumber Storage Planer Building Sawmill Trimmer and Control Cage West Side of Planer Building Lumber Yard Planer Building and Area Workers Idaho White Pine Horse Barn Green Chain Crew Electric Motors Shipping Dock The Loading Platform Lumber Shipping Dock Plant Horses Sawmill Plant An Alley of Quality Lumber Lumber Yard Lumber Yard Lumber Yard Battery Powered Motors Yard Crew and Boss Rogers Lumber Yard Size Sheep Potlatch Mill Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Potlatch Mill Mill Site Lumber Yard The Twin City Engine Planer Mill Crew Lumber Yard and Plant Main Office Engine Valve Before: Smokestacks and Structures Main Office William Deary Saw Mill from the Southwest Saw Mill, Log Pond, and Log Dump Sorting Shed Sorting Shed Interior Main Floor of Saw Mill Saw Mill Engine Room Band Saw Number One Planing Mill Interior Planing Mill Machines Planing Mill Engine Room Lumber Shed Planing Mill and Power Plant Locomotive Lumber Transportation Lumber Yard; Partial View Alley Number Four Hauling Logs to the Rollways Log Loader Log Train Train Load of Logs Western Pine Logs Sawmill Views Potlatch Whit Pine District White Pine Log Storage Camp Eight Dinner Time Forest Home A Fallen Monarch Logging Camps Potlatch Mercantile Company The Lumber Jack at Home Shoe, Crockery, and Grocery Dry Goods and Clothing Public School Catholic Church Bank, Post Office, and Opera House Boarding House Number One Boarding House Number Two Homes of Officials and Superintendents Barn Train Depot Round House, Machine Shop, and Car Repair Shop Locomotive Equipment Railroad Yard Mrs. Kislig and Children Potlatch Mercantile Co. Hardware Dept. Potlatch Mercantile Co. Hardware Dept. 2 Potlatch Mercantile Co. Store Hans Beplate and Victor The Kislig Family Potlatch, Idaho Circa 1915 Slab wood Process at Sawmill Slab wood Wagon The Potlatch Hotel Potlatch Mercantile Co. and Hotel Potlatch, Idaho Residential Charles McDonald Dray Service Sawmill The Joe Cada Family PFI Main Office Potlatch Band P.H.S. Baseball Team Potlatch Residents P.H.S. Baseball Team  2 P.H.S. Class of '27 List W.I.& M. Depot Junction of Sixth & Pine Larch Street Water Reservoir Construction Banquet in Gymnasium First Potlatch Postmaster Saturday Night Crowd Group of Men Two Women Men By Railroad Tracks Two Men by Tracks Hauling Logs Near Alive Strong Mill Five Men and Chopped Wood Sunday Afternoon Activities Eight Men at the Baggage Room Edward Rutledge Sternwheeler Children on a Donkey Logging Train Log Train Log Train WI&M Locomotive WI&M Locomotive PLC Locomotive WI&M Locomotive WI&M Locomotive The Potlatcher Machine Plans Snow Plow Newspaper Article WI&M Tracks Draft horse teams near Potlatch Tilling by horse teams (1) Tilling by horse teams (2) Haying with crew Rohn boys in car Butchering hogs Men Sitting on Cars Mule Team Family Photo John Matthew Nirk family portrait Gottfried ''Fred'' Bysegger family portrait Men hauling timber from mill Family portrait Family Photo Old Avon Idaho Hauling Logs near Alvah Strong's Mill Alice McClure Strong The McClures


Potlatch Lumber Company Check Elk River Mill Pay Roll Mountain Home School of Latah County Mountain Home School of Latah County Teachers Term Report Potlatch 1st Grade Class Potlatch Family Fishing Trip Comparison Document Memo and check information from Potlatch Lumber Company Collection of older and new photographs of Davis, Soncarty, and Nirk families Vern Clark's twenty-first birthday Two groups in nice attire pose for photos Ladies of the Clark family Potlatch Mercantile Company postcard


Ford Farm South of Pullman, Wa PLC Pay Stub PLC Pay Stub Warranty Deed Winton Taxi Cab Brincken and Nirk Engine No. 20 Engine No. 20 Rohn's in home John Jacob Rohn portrait Rohn Family in front of house Men Working in Field 1916 Chevrolet Bertha Nirk on wash day. Durell and Mary Nirk on porch Friends Arthur and Alice Strong wedding portrait Elmore School Durell and Mary Nirk wedding portrait Durell Nirk Durell Nirk [2]


Crooks and Wrights Sawmill The Timberman Article The Timberman Article PLC Pay Stub PLC Pay Stub PLC Pay Stub PLC Pay Stub Township Map Potlatch Lumber 6. map Box Factory Crew Women in the Box Factory Box Factory Crew Saw Mill Girls Saw Mill Girls 2 Potlatch Home Guard Potlatch 'Home Guard' Land Dept. Office A.W. Laird's Office W.D. Humiston's Office W.D. Humiston's Office (opposite) Lumber Sales Department Harry Gleave Stenographic Staff John Kelty and Rudolph Zimmerman Bertha and John Nirk with Durell and Mary and Cleora Durell Nirk sits with his daughter Cleora Cleora Nirk Strong Eddie Bysegger with two horses John Matthew Nirk holding granddaughter Nirk and Bysegger women Mary and Durell Nirk with daughter Cleora Mary Nirk and daughter Cleora Anna Cleora Anna Nirk as an infant Durell Nirk holding daughter Cleora Durell Nirk, 1918 Nirk Family Photo


Potlatch Lumber Company Statement of Time Lumber at Alva Strong Mill Strong's Republic Truck Delivery Truck The Kislig Family and Friends Group Photo


McMahama Place George Whitney's Father Construction Document Laying Track Shay Locomotive Shay Locomotive Laying Track Camp 4 Forest Forest California Redwoods Steam Shovel Locomotive Railroad Construction Steam Shovel Steam Donkey Operations Steam Donkey Operation Model 60 Tractor Model 60 Tractor Group Photo Yard Crew The Scalers Scaler PLC Camp Cook House Potlatch Piling Shay No. 100 Superintendent Residence Potlatch Mill Engine Sawmill Employees by White Pine Sawmill Employees Displaying White Pine Sawmill Planer Dry Kilns Elk Creek Flat Foreman Geo. Stillwell Superintendent Andrew Bloom Andrew Bloom and Child Lima 3-Truck in Elk River Landing Near Camp 14 Loading Logs Near Camp 14 Planer and Shipping Dock Elk River Sawmill Interior Elk River Upper Basin Camp Electric Logging Donkey The First Electric Donkey Transformer Car High Lead Yarding Rig No. 1 The Burner Filing Room Ben Swafford Lumber Shipping Dock Box Factory, Planer, and Shipping Dock Power Plant No. 2 Band Saw Elevator Main/Sawing Floor Main/Sawing Floor 2 Main/Sawing Floor 3 Tie and Timber Dock Pong, Log Slip, Boiler House, & Burner Log Slip Plant Machinery Plant Interior The Mill Log Slip and the Mill Erick Matson and Frank Brynaldson on Lumber Bug Milton Sanders and Fred Erick in Box Car 4-Square Lumber and Arnold Ringstad Lumber Sorting Shed Superintendent and Foreman with Employees Plant Foremen Sawmill Interior Green Chain The Gang Saw Foundation Original Dry Kilns Green Lumber Burner, Sawmill, and Tie Dock Rock Creek 'Upper' Dam Mr. + Mrs. C. V. Hall Union Church Main Auditorium of Union Church Potlatch Buildings Max Williamson Gymnasium Union Church 2 Potlatch Landscape Potlatch High School Link Burdeh & Friends Harvard, Idaho School House P.H.S. Football Squad Main Office Main Office-2 Potlatch Hospital WI&M Locomotive Group Photo Group Photo Gathered at Last Bailing crew (2) Self-Propelling Combine Bailing crew (3) Cora Exchange Old Kellmer Place Alva Strong Sawmill Cora Exchange Three young couples Leona Carscallin in the cook house Nirk homestead Durell Nirk and pet dog Baling hay on the Nirk property High school mens basketball team View down 6th Street in Potlatch, Idaho Gold Hill Tower lookout Potlatch Lumber Company mill Bysegger family portrait Onaway in winter The Claude Hall family photo Yale Station Cow Suckling a Pig


Logging Superintendent Bill Deary Memorial Boulders Alva Strong Mill Alva Strong Sawmill William Deary Memorial Wm. Deary Memorial Gathering at Fred Rohn place Alva Strong Sawmill Middle Deep Creek Wedding portrait of Ed and Ida Soncarty Edd and Ida Soncarty Wedding Durell Nirk place under construction


Airplane Rides Near Addy, Washington Plant Fire Brigade of Potlatch Lumber Company Horses at Elk River Horses at Elk River cont. Potlatch 8th Grade Class Princeton, Idaho School Yard Mr. and Mrs. E.S. Allen Hand drawn map of Princeton, ID Hand drawn map of Hampton, ID


PLC Camp 3 Logging with Horses Winter at the Old Kellmer Place Frank Hanna Near Woody Grade Elk River State Bank Refuse Burner at Elk River Elk River Mill_6 Elk River Mill_7 Weastinghouse Steam Turbine Elk River Mill Drying Kilns Elk River Mill Switch Board Planer Mill at Elk River Steam and Electric Generating Plant Green Chain Elk River Mill Interior Elk River Planer Interior Elk River Mill Shipping Dock Recapitulation Entire Elk River Plant pg. 2 Recapitulation Entire Elk River Plant pg. 3 Recapitulation Entire Elk River Plant pg. 4 Elk River Plant Recapitulation Basis of Prices Elk River Plant Recapitulation Basis of Prices cont. Princeton Grade School Bailing crew (1) Durell Nirks first sawmill Lumber production at Durell Nirk's first sawmill Charley Bysegger and Ed Soncarty with rabbits Eddie Bysegger with coyote pelts Arthur Dwight Strong as a Child Durell Nirk place in winter Durell Nirk's First Sawmill Durell Nirk's First Sawmill [2]


Elk River, Idaho Latah County Pig Club Show Announcement Latah County Pig Club Show Announcement 2 P.H.S. Class of 1928 P.H.S. Basketball Champs Panorama of Pine Street


Grizzly Camp Skidding Team Camp 3A Winter Logging Skidding Team Horse Logging Logging with Horses PLC Camp Veterinary Steam Powered Shovel Steam Donkey Shay Engine Loading Flat Cars Superintendent Portrait Steam Donkey Train Load Log Loading Kennedy Ford Grange Bovill Hospital Old Kellmer Place House & Cellar on Doty Place House on the Doty Place Mrs Gonser and Mrs. Alfred Weible 4-Square Lumber Foreman Otto Heine 4-Square Lumber on Shipping Dock 4-Square Lumber Loading Albert Johnson Enforcing Proper Unloading Lumber Loading Dock Exterior Lumber Loading Dock Interior Lumber Storage Sheds Pres-to-Logs Wood Fuel Erick Matson and Albert Johnson Charlie Peterson and W.B. Wakeman Horsecotter Unstacker Box Factory Jack E. Erwin and White Pine View of Potlatch Plant F.H. 'Frank' Thatcher Northwest Mill Site Students of Mountain Home School Bell Family Main Fork of Palouse River P.H.S. Class of '28 P.H.S. Class of '27 Roster P.H.S. Class of '27 P.H.S. Class of '27 Junior Year Roster P.H.S. Class of '28 Roster P.H.S. Class Automobile Repair Shop American Legion Log Cabin P.H.S. Freshman Class 1925 Otto Heine Arley Decker and Family Librarian Jesse Metcalf J.P. Volmer Farm Baling Timothy Hay Harvesting Oats Grizzle Camp/ Laird Park WI&M Railroad WI&M Railroad Car Max Davis Swimming in Snake River John Bysegger Mountain Home School District students Rohn children Soncarty sawmill First Fire Engine in Potlatch View of Train Depot in Princeton, ID Flooding of House in Princeton, ID Princeton Post Office Inside Princeton Post Office Downtown Princeton, ID The Strong Children


Conklin Place Potlatch High School Class of 1926 P.H.S. Football Squad 1926 Locomotive WI&M Document WI&M Wreck Conklin Place


Roberta Nygaard Logging Crews Loading Logs Loading Logs Loading Logs Loading Logs Burden School Burden School Camp 1 Camp 1 Burden School Cable Repair Loggers Mr. and Mrs. Dan Zedeker Announcement of Santa Claus Day Grandma Bysegger and Grandson Max Davis Group Photo Nirk Home October 1927


Loading Operation Loading Logs Logging at Potlatch Town Map Elk River, Idaho Water Works System Potlatch Lumber Company in Elk River C.V. Hall Home Beplate Twins (Helen + Bub) Sein Hansen and Maren Clausen Gibbs Homestead Bysegger homestead Pupils List Declaration of 50th Anniversary party for Mr. and Mrs. John Ashton New barn at Soncarty Farm


Holt Tractor Caterpillar Logging Caterpillar Logging PLC Caterpillar Tractor Cooking Crew Cooking Crew Logging Wreck Logging Wreck Railroad Companies Railroad Companies Durell Nirk Family Photo


Elk Herd Skidding Logs Skidding Logs Roller Skidding Skidding Logs Hauling Logs Marion Loader Winter Logging Skidding Team Laying Track Burden School Alva Strong Mill Train Wreck Northeast view of Deep Creek Conklin Deep Creek View Old Onklin Barn Old Conklin House Ned Hanna's 1927 Chevy Andrew Bloom Family and Car Lumber Yard West Side Sawmill Mabel Kelly Luella Hall Railroad Car Rudolph Zimmerman Sr. Portrait of Nirk-Soncarty-Davis-Katzenberg families Palouse High School class picture Edward (Eddie) Bysegger with fish Potlatch, Idaho Panorama Potlatch Post Office Mill and lumber yard Threshing Grain Rock Creek Bridge Rohn family Venna Comstock Deep Creek view looking NE from Old Conklin House; John McManama Place Burden School 3rd School House Guy Parnell sawmill Ida Soncarty in her garden Bysegger get together Ida Soncarty with hogs Ida Soncarty with Norman Anna Trachsel Bysegger and Gottfried Bysegger Potlatch High School LaPehr Store


Potlatch High School sophomore girl's basketball team Soncarty farm


Skidding Logs Winter Scene Camp 14 Skidding Teams Old Camp 2 Camp 10 Elk River News Vol. XIV. cont. Elk River News Vol. XIII. Front Page Elk River News Vol. XIV. Front Page Paul Welo Sawing Lumber Mill Machine Lumber Mill Employees Rose Bysegger fishing in Colorado


The 'Bug' Lois, John, and John Jr. Bysegger Edd Soncarty with sons


Friends with cars Cleora Nirk Strong on her 16th birthday Steam engine tractor


View of Potlatch Plant Class photo for Potlatch High School Men with tractor Ned Hanna's 1927 Chev. Soncarty's logging Potlatch High Class of 1935-36


Mountain Home Grange Hall Amos Grate Place Burden Schoolchildren 1936 Phillis Rohn Ownbey and Patsy McManama Larson Burden Schoolchildren 1936-1937 Burden School Children


Potlatch Amateur Athletic Club Dwight Strong Dwight Strong hauling logs to sawmill Potlatch High School Class of 1937


Vic Beplate Hauling Hay Fire Fighting Roy and Max Davis on horseback Don Daily on horseback Roy and Max Davis with Sonny McMasters Soncarty home Cleora Nirk Strong graduation portrait Arthur Strong and Durell Nirk Casual portrait of Nirk family Hauling Hay Potlatch High Class f 1938 Elmore Church


Shay Locomotive Honors and Accident Ratings Landmark, PFI Group, and Winter Logging Potlatch Public Library Gold Hill Lookout Cabin Free Public Library at Potlatch Isla (Bysegger) Leigh Lyle Gottschalk during a riverside race Wedding photograph of Dwight and Cleora Nirk Strong Lyle Gottschalk racing #77 Burden School Late 1930s Cast of the Three Bears Play Rock Creek Schoolchildren late 1930s Interior of an Onaway Bar Mother's Day 1939


Aerial Photograph of Deep Creek W. D. Humiston Vic Beplate House Change at Potlatch Potlatch State Bank Change of Ownership Planing Mill Revamp May West' Lydia and James Hicks Roy and Emma Davis in front of home W.W. and Anna Davis Two Davis men in front of a home Threshing grain with tractor Dale Slagle Virginia Cooper Soncarty's family picture Welch's Corner Texaco station Soncarty barn Thelma and Edward Bysegger Vic Beplate's Place Edwin P Larson Rock Creek Bible School Students Edwin Larson in Uniform Onaway School Upper Grades 1939-1940 Arthur, Vangie, Lois, Fred Strong


Monthly Statement for Professional Services Potlatch Hospital Bill Philip Hearn military portrait Uncover Cabin of Ancient Day Cleora Nirk Strong with child


Group Photo Photo Description Idaho Sawmill in Potlatch Camp 36 logging camp Loading logs at Camp 36 Skid Cat's Camp 36 Norman Soncarty with coyote Rock Creek Bible Schoolchildren


Township map 1943 Memoirs Marine Christmas card Max, Emma, and Roy Davis Lloyd Tharp Navy Portrait Max Davis graduation portrait Dorothy Anderson Davis Wedding portrait Charles and Danny King 1945 Rock Creek Bible School Photo Rock Creek Students mid-1940s


Alfred Swatman Fat Espy and pack string Max Davis in uniform Roy Davis holding a fawn on Mt. Spokane Davis Farm Naval Enrollees Gerald Nirk, US Army Gerald Nirk on Furlough in 1944


Potlatch Camp Track Laying Crew PLC Camp Retirement Party Sawmill Watercolor Card Sawmill Watercolor Card Description C.R. 'Cliff' Musser Frederic S. Bell R. Drew Musser Sales Day at the Merc. Image Potlatch Hospital Dr. J.W. Thompson Elsie (Bean) Holmes Roy and Max Davis loggin at Meadow Creek Garfield High School Class of 1945 Portrait Ration books Ida Soncarty's Birthday C.V. Hall Home Norman Soncarty skiing Lowell Soncarty Lowell Soncarty with horses Charles King, Pat Bryngelson, Don Kobrosky Dwight Strong on back steps Highway 95 and Mineral Mountain Glen Nirk, US Army Arthur Strong and Alice McClure Strong


Sawyers and Sawing Tussock Moth Attacks Latah County Woodlands' Retirement and 25 Year Club Keep Idaho Green Potlatch Mercantile Co. Sales Max Davis Service Record


Potlatch Steam Engine Retired Replacement of the Corliss Engine WI&M Locomotive Roy and Emma Davis with Olive Pledger Roy Davis and horses with truck. Strong Mill Pond D.I. Nirk Lumber Co. Mill 1947 D.I. Nirk Lumber Co. Mill 1947 [2] D. I. Nirk Lumber Co.


Corliss Engineer Art Fleiger Norman Willard Soncarty Davis home Abstract of Title


Veteran PFI Cruiser Rock Creek Dam Snowy house Allen Strong in front of Katzenberger House Allen Strong by snowbank


Shay Locomotive Description Wood-Burning Donkeys Township Map North of Harvard Idaho Potlatch Lumber Co. History William Codd Brand New Sawmill Water Rights Twin City Engine Valve Instructions Miss Mabel Kelly Miss Mabel Kelly Potlatch and Moscow Ladies WI&M General Manager Locomotive Document Locomotive Document Locomotive Document Locomotive Document Locomotive Document Locomotive Document Painting Emma and Roy Davis Co-op Supply in Princeton Idaho The Potlatch Confectionary Old Richield service station and garage View on Pine Street Soncarty home Gotfried and Anna Bysegger Edd and Ida Soncarty Farm Putting on a play at the Grange D.I. Nirk Lumber Company Nirk-Bysegger family portrait Arthur and Alice Strong Potlatch Elementary School Mrs. Streeter's 3rd grade class


Short Wave Radio Article Last Rites Article Short Wave Radio Article Diary of W.L. Maxwell Twenty Years in Potlatch, Idaho' William Helmer Potlatch Elementary School 4th grade class Norman Soncarty in the Army Norman Soncarty leaves for service N. Soncarty Newspaper Article Warranty Deed Quit Claim Deed Partial Release of Mortgage


Last Rites Article A Road Through the Sawmill Union Church History Rodeo at Riverside Park Potlatch Elementary School 5th grade class N. Soncarty Plane Wreck in Korea


Three Men Verle E Brown military portrait Potlatch Elementary School Mrs. Stella Benjamin's 6th grade class Norman Soncarty with airplane Norman Soncarty in Korea N. Soncarty Korea Plane 22 N. Soncarty Jeep Photo, Korea N. Soncarty Red Kercheif Plane 11248 N. Soncarty Single-engin Plane Photograph N. Soncarty Barracks Photo


Man on the Phone Four Men Change in Supervisory Personnel Daylight view of the Carscallen Brothers' Sawmill Strong family portrait


Park Gathering Lifting Logs Loading the Truck LeTourneau Log Unloading Machine Relaxing by the Trees Tipped Railroad Car Finish Line Log Unloading Machine; Full Side View LeTourneau Log Unloading Machine Driver Log Unloading Machine in the Yard LeTourneau Log Unloading Machine Running from the Fall Analyzing the Aftermath Office Building Directing a Group Distributing Paper Ware and Cups Three Men in a Row Pots on a Stovetop Potlatch Anniversary Special Banner Waiting for the Train Sawmill Operations The Passenger Train The Passenger Train The Conductor Outside the Passenger Train Six Men Power Lines Lumber Yard Crane and Container Flooded Building Flooded Sawmill Flooding Aftermath Logs After the Flood Flooded Sawmill Building Low Water Levels River Dam Log Pond at Low Water Levels Stranded Logs Dry Log Pond Log Slip Log Pond Frozen Beams Building Covered in Ice Frozen Structure Lineman Atop the Dam Accidents Don't Just Happen' View of Potlatch Plant A Company Town (continued) A Company Town? History of Names of Towns Beginning of WI&M Potlatch Pine Cone Forestry in Year 1905 Sawmill Sign Language Dictionary Lutheran Church in the Making Potlatch in the Making Early Potlatch History Christmas Party Invitation Sawmill Sign Language Dictionary 2 J. W. Thompson Land Grants Document Land Grants Document The 'Potlatcher' Gold Dredge on the Palouse River Potlatch Confectionery Co-Op Supply Princeton, ID New Avon Church


Log Unloading Machine Deconstruction Log Unloading Machine Demolition Five Men Siding Construction Unfinished Structure Crane on Lumber Road Collapse of a Structure Seven Men on the Job Nirk family portrait. Potlatch Confectionery


Potlatch History Rena (Hicks) and Erman Cayou Potlatch Drug store Soncarty family


Corliss Engine Summary


Eight Men Palouse Valley Tree Farm Sign Smoke Stack American Flag Sawmill Buildings Tracks and Platform Memorial card for Judith An Whitesel Mineral Mountain Lookout


Potlatch Community Days


Ma and Pa Vine


Potlatch Mercantile Fire Lowell Soncarty in Boise


Parking Lot by Tent Shaped Building Thirteen Men Rushing Water Keep Idaho Green' Keep Idaho Green' Steam and Power Lines Keep Idaho Green' Strong Christmas family portrait from 1964


Tent Shaped Building Crane Lifting Block Pipe in Ground Excavator Digging Digging Machines Moving Dirt Smokestack Lumber Carriers Ross Carrier Lumber Yard Organizing Lumber Watch Your Step' Five Men on a Bench Sales Day at the Merc.


Wedding anniversary Fritz Leistner House Arthur and Alice McClure Strong


Roy Davis' House


Low Water Levels at the Dam Concrete Structure Cement Man is Nocturnal Copper Etcher Gen Williams in Field Orelia Kelly beside Pickup Truck Stump and field in background Orelia Kelly standing in a field Gen Williams in plaid shirt Distant Shot of Field with fence Field in mid-summer Telephone poles and trees


White Pine King Woodfell, Idaho Mary Hendley Recollection of Elk River Weyerhaeuser Visits Mill The Steam Power Plants Retiring P.F.I. Men Lake Logging Hull-Oakes Mill News Article House Holiday Card Front House Holiday Card Back Saw-Mill & Lumber Yard Potlatch Lumber Co. Photo Albums P.L.C. in Palouse After: Smokestacks and Structures Life in Potlatch was Different' History of Potlatch Building Fred Rohn place Dwight Strong, Latah County Assessor


Retirement Party Retirement Party Guests Retirement Party Toast Retirement Party Guests


Durell and Mary Nirk Nirk Family Photo 1974


White Pine King Lee Gale Introduction Mountain Home Community Hall Methods to Produce Lumber Logs to Lumber Log Loader William Deary Memorial; Looking Back Junior Class 1934-1935 Potlatch Education System Potlatch Old Timers Mt. Home Community Hall


Ma Vine 1904 Grain Harvesting The Record 1976'


Group photo 1977


Spry as a Country Hoedown


Identification of Potlatch Camps Deer Hunters


Freeze Cemetery Elk River Community Center Elk River Community Center Front Elk River Community Center Article Elk River Dedication Luncheon Attendees The Bunchgrass Historian


Railroad Man: a conversation with W. J. Gamble W. I. & M. Ry. Co.


McMurray and Strong at Old Mine W. McMurray Place Mine Cart W. McMurray Place Mine Cart W. McMurray Place Mine Cart (front) Mill Site at W. McMurray Place Wayne McMurray Place Pond Deep Creek Area- Idaho Group at W. McMurray Place W. McMurray Place Trail Men at  W. McMurrray Place W. McMurray Place Map Old Mine on W. McMurray Place W. McMurray Place Trees W. McMurray Place Tour


Walking Tour of Potlatch Neighborhoods WI&M History Ida Soncarty in her garden Ronald and Janie Nirk


Strong Homestead


Mountain Home Grange Larry Nirk in Nirk's Archery Office Durell Nirk Place, 1987 Strong Family at Pummer-Wagner Lumber The Old Katzenberger place Elmore Church on Highway 95


Potlatch Lumber Company Red Office Building El Nino Note Vic Beplate Place Clausen Place Homesteads North of Potlatch Rasmus Clausen Ranch Lone Pine Tree North East Corner Post Lone Pine Tree Kelly Soncarty wedding Old Fort Old Fort


Birthday Dinner for Zimmer Newspaper Article Newspaper Article Road from R. Clausen Place Strong's Golden Anniversary 1st Wagon Road to Zimmerman Place 1st Wagon Road to Zimmerman Place 1st Wagon Road to Zimmerman Place Remains of the Potlatch Lumber Company 9 Deer on Zimmerman Place 9 Deer on Zimmerman Place Lone Jack Mountain Albert Clausen Ruke Zimmerman Victor Beplate Ruke Zimmerman by Barn Ruke Zimmerman's Barn Ruke Zimmerman's Hill Cloudy Day on Deep Creek (roadside) Cloudy Day on Deep Creek Old Pine Tree At Clausen Place Old Pine Tree At Clausen Place Victor Beplate


Raymond Zimmerman Obituary Lee Gale Acknowledgment Lee Gale Forward W.R. Boie and Clarence Haeg Retirement Railcars of the WI&M Special Trains Document Special Trains Document WI&M Article Dwight & Cleora Strong, Philip Hearn, and Setsuo Matsura


Forest and Conservation History Ruke Zimmerman Obituary Rudolph W. Zimmerman Death Elsa Higgins Obituary Dwight and Cleora Nirk Strong portrait


Closing of Morris Drug Mill Pond, Elk River, Idaho Hill 86 Years Later Transit Markings Catalog Strong Family Homestead


Tribute to Daisy Potlatch Lumber Co., The WI&M, and The Milwaukee


Barnhart Log Loaders Barnhart Log Loaders Barnhart Log Loaders Shay Locomotives Shay Locomotives Personal Visit Document Typed Letter Elk River Days Parade Grand Marshalls The Sage of Hatter Creek cont. Elk River Days Parade Grand Marshalls cont. Postcard Front Postcard Back


Union Church Union Church and Details Ole Martin Holden Rev. C. R. Scafe Grace Lutheran Church Rev. Albert M. McClain Rev. David Crawford and Family Reverend Chris and Family Chase A. Sawtell and Marie Rev. Harley Drollinger and Family Rev. Joe S. Anderson Reverend Ken Onstot and Family List of Ministers News and Organizations at PUC Noted Events of PUC Potlatch Classes Hold Banquet Rapid Growth of Potlatch School Welcome Home Church Dedication Annual Meeting of Potlatch Church Church News Potlatch Boys Build Residence


Early Day Information


Anderson Ridge Davis Farm during harvest


Potlatch Historical Society Beginning Elk Hunters


P.H.S Classes '24-'34 Names Potlatch All School Reunion Cover P.H.S Classes '24-'34 Potlatch Celebrates Opening a New Library Background of the founding of the Potlatch Library Realization of a Dream, Through Hard work and Determination History of New (Now Old) Library Potlatch High School Class of 1960 40th Reunion Fred and Violet Rohn


Elk River Historical Society Letter


Augir Homestead a century later Bucket of Blood Bar


Daniel Teodor and Marta Brita Ronberg History Obituary for Violet Rohn Funeral Program


Newspaper Article Soncarty barn on National Register


Soncarty anniversary announcement


Potlatch High School Class of 1960 50th Reunion


Potlatch Food Bank


Riverside ''Potlatch's Famous Fun Spot'' book Grand Marshalls during the Potlatch Days parade


Potlatch Gymnasium as of 2018